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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Military Life

Oh, the life of a military wife. Either it be Marines, Air Force, Navy, or in my case, the Army you know what I'm talking about. I really don't even have to elaborate for you to even comprehend. But, for those of you who are not in the military career... let me explain.

When I signed up (no pun intended) to be a military wife, I was expecting the life of luxury. I would reside in Hawaii amidst the wildly colorful bromiliads and banana trees. I would sit on the beach sipping from a coconut and watching my child (okay, children were not in the picture when I married my husband) making a sand castle by the water's edge. We would go to on-post parties with other families and play tennis on the weekends (or just explore the islands).

Fast forward 10 years, and I'm stuck in Virginia. Before this, we lived in Minne-snow-da! Where thankfully we are NOT anymore - especially with 43 degree BELOW zero temperatures! And that's not even the wind child factor! Before that, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Don't get me wrong, there are up sides to being a military wife. I get to go to places, like those mentioned above, that we would never consider. Why I considered Minneapolis??? I have no idea. But I do have to admit I did meet some wonderfully, interesting people. That's the other plus to tagging along with the Army. We have been extremely blessed with the people we have met along our travels. Especially in Pittsburgh where my across-the-hall-neighbor chiropractor and his wife (girlfriend at the time) took me in like family while my husband was deployed to Iraq. I honestly can say if it were not for those two people, who thankfully we still keep in touch with (because let's face it after spending a year with me and my dog and my three cats, we're family whether you like it or not!), I would not have been able to handle that deployment.

Then we come to the people we have met here in Virginia. At first, when we visited the D.C. area to scan the neighborhoods for places to live, we looked at purchasing/leasing a townhome. Thankfully, I say that now, it did not work out. The place that did work out, which we totally skipped that weekend, was a dream come true. Not because of the actual place, although it was a very nice place to call home, but the people who lived right next door. And across the street. And two doors down from them. Because of these three families, I made it through the end of my pregnancy and beginning phase of mommy-hood.

Since last summer, two of the four families have left our little "home town". We purchased a duplex, only 15 minutes away, and another family purchased a beautiful home 15 minutes the other direction. Last night, three of the four families got together at their new home for dinner and a playdate. As I watched Little Man A playing with his little friend "Bruce" and baby "Amie", I thought about the military life. That unfortunately, this is going to come to an end.

By next year, we will be probably be on to the next chapter of our lives someplace else. Little Man A will have to meet new people just as his mom and dad will. It actually made me sad to think that Little Man won't have lifelong friends that he gets to grow up with over the years. Yeah, sure those families can come visit us where ever our roads take us next, but it won't be the same as to call them on the phone and ask, "Can Bruce come over to play?"

I know we'll all gain more friends along the way and that I know God (although I am not that religious) put us here for a reason. I just hope that where ever we do end up, either it be in San Antonio or not, that Little Man meets new friends quickly and doesn't forget about the ones he's met in the past. Because good friends really are just an extended part of your family.


IsDihara said...

OK, you're threatening to make me cry now, with such sentimental posts. Seriously, I reached for the tissues. You're never leaving, alright? (I know, I know, it's not really up to you...)

I had to call my sister & brother-in-law after reading this post and ask them if looking back on all the relocating, did they ever feel like their kids missed out on lasting friendships?

The answer?

Both my niece and nephew said they wouldn't have wanted it any other way! They loved always being the new kids on the block and making new friends every few years. They say the global connections they made were invaluable (they are 15 and 13 now). They said it was much harder when they settled in one place and had to learn how to manage long-term, local friendships.

So, while Little Man A's mileage may vary, I wouldn't worry too much. Life-long friends will always be there for you, and with the Internet they're only ever a few electrons away.

KiKi said...

I've always heard mixed things from military wives. Thankfully, that part of my hubby's life was /over when we met - but he still keeps in touch with his old friends and I've met their wives. Some love it (hate staying in one place) and others hate moving around so much. But none of their children seem to mind much (though they are still young right now).

I'm excited for you guys!

People Power Granny said...

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