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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Any regrets??

I have a friend who is living the life right now. She and her boyfriend (would be fiance if his parents weren't paying for his college tuition and didn't like her enough that they would disown him if they knew she was living with him - it's a religious thing) are living in St. Thomas while he attends a pre-veterinary program at the University of St. Thomas. She? is living the life on the beach doing nothing. I first met her back in Minneapolis when I started working at Banfield Pet Hospital. We worked well together and she's the only one that I've really kept in touch with since leaving Minnesota.

Recently, her 5-year-old female cat was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. They first discovered it, not knowing exactly what it was at the time, back in early 2007. In the past year alone, this cat has endured two surgeries, abdominal ultrasound, chest x-rays, and multiple blood work-ups. Because she has been able to go to the veterinary college at the university, she has been able to get all of this care for a fraction of the cost it would be here in the states.

I give her allot of credit for being able to take care of all these situations with her cat. I'm also thankful of her current location during this stressful time with her pet. I mean, if she were back in the states and had to pay for the care that she is getting there, I'm sure she would be bankrupt by now. I'm glad that she is able to take care of it.

This whole situation also makes me miss working in the vet field. Our beloved cocker spaniel, Maggie, really needs her teeth clean again, but since Banfield in this region has increased their pricing to over $350 for the plan that includes the dental, we really can't afford it. Then I start to worry about our three cats and their vaccines (I don't even want to look at their teeth).

Atleast when I was working, some of that care was taken care of. Working full-time at Banfield, I would have qualified for three wellness plans that included dental cleanings and all of their vaccines. If only day care wasn't so expensive, I would have gone back to work a long time ago. Although I'm not too sure about that.

Regrets?? No. Although at times it has been hell raising Little Man A, I'm glad that I have been here for him. I feel as though I have a better relationship with him and I wouldn't want to miss all the small moments that I've been able to experience over the past year.

I love ya, Little Man!


KiKi said...

Sometimes I regret not staying home longer with Zeze. I returned to work when she was just 6 weeks old and I cried every single day for about three weeks even though she was staying with my mom.

Enjoy your time with lil man. It goes way too fast and before you know it he'll be driving off to college.

Jude said...

How could you have any regrets with that smile! You are a great mother!