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Friday, August 20, 2010

He likes 'em, He really likes 'em!

At nine months old, it wouldn't be unusual for you to find LMA surrounded with books and him flipping through every single one of them. I know children can be difference as night and day, I was prepared for that. I was really hoping that this love of books would be the same for BBZ.

He's ten months old now and could really care less about books, except maybe to chew on them. I think it's my fault. After BBZ was born, we continued our night time routine of reading books to LMA. Even with BBZ in hand. We even made BBZ wait until after we were done with books before I would give him his last feeding of the night. Sometimes he was so outraged, that Pop-pop just fed him anyway while I was reading books to LMA.

We finally found a book that he enjoys. Picked up at the library, so I may have buy one. I'm sure it's more to do with flipping through the pages and turning them one by one that has intrigued him, but that's definitely a start. In these pictures, he was so enthralled with this book, "Baby: Bathtime" that he could have cared less that big brother was loving on him, that Mommy was trying to get his 10 month picture with his elephant, or that I was making TONS of animal noises to get him to look up.

I don't care. As long as he likes books.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rain, rain. Don't go away.

Maybe I should have thought of having him do this before. LMA LOVED running in the rain. At first he had on his rain jacket, but since it was more of a spring jacket, he changed his mind.

I got more pictures of him playing/running/having a good time with a huge puddle in the middle of our driveway, but couldn't fine the right setting to stop the motion without using the flash.

Better luck next time.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What could he be thinking?

I can't believe it's been close to an entire month since I posted. Lately, I just haven't been in the mood. Occasionally, I'll have a few photos I want to share, but just can't find the words to go with it. I should probably just post the pics considering family like Wenderina love to just see how the boys are doing. Even the big one.

We've started talking about Daddy going away with LMA. It started mainly by accident a couple weeks ago when I had a yard sale. The signs I made said "Moving Sale" so everyone kept asking me, "This is the moving sale, right?" I replied that is was going to be a moving sale, but then the military changed their mind and decided to just send hubby. Sometimes I'm not sure what LMA is thinking. Is he sad? Does he understand? Is he mad? Does he think Daddy is going away and not coming back?

Today we watched a video done by Sesame Street talking about a parent, in this case Elmo's Daddy, going away for work. I really wanted to sit down with LMA and Daddy and watch it together. I thought maybe LMA would have questions or just want to talk about it afterwards. Nope. He got mad. In a quiet way.

After quiet time, he wanted nothing to do with me. "Where's Daddy?"

So when I came out into the living room where Daddy had been taking a nap, I found this....

I wish I knew what was going through his little head. I wish I could make him understand that even though Daddy is going away for what seems like a really long time, he loves him and really doesn't want to go. Daddy wishes he could take us with him.

They say there are two different types of reactions from children when they learn that a parent is going away for awhile. One is to be separated, distant. The other is my son: attached. Wants nothing more than to just be with Daddy.

I hope this next year goes by fast.