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Monday, February 4, 2008

Eating for Two

No, don't get excited grandma and great aunt "wenderina". I'm not pregnant. Lately, I feel as though I've increased my consumption of food... and here I thought I was doing good with my diet (although all the Christmas candy left behind doesn't help).

I knew that I would eat more while I was pregnant. I remember toward the end of the pregnancy, it wasn't worth going to an "All-You-Can-Eat" buffet because the damn kid was soooo big. I could barely eat a half-full plate of food before getting stuffed. Maybe that's why I only gained 25 pounds and lost it shortly after Little A was born.

Well, this time around I'm talking about eating more because my lovely child wants to feed me. Yes, I said that right. Lately, he's been finishing up his portion of the meal and then giving me the rest. Now mind you when it's a combination of food such as my wonderful homemade cinnamon apples, sweet potatoes, cheese pieces, cracker crumbs, and whatever else is on his tray, I don't even think twice about it. Today, for one of his snacks I gave him graham crackers with strawberry cream cheese. Yummo! It tastes like a strawberry cheesecake! Try it! Anyways, he picked up a piece and handed it over to me. With a face like this, how could you refuse??

I, of course, leaned forward, opened my mouth, and he plopped in the graham cracker. He was so happy with himself. And, in the attempts to teach him something during the process, besides the fact that it's fun to feed mommy, I signed "Thank you".

So, hopefully I'll still be able to fit into my little black dress for our cruise in March. Hopefully, it starts to get warm enough so we can really start walking outside. Or maybe I'll just start jogging with Little Man A during our daily walks.


Wenderina said...

Sweet! And what a great picture of A - looks like his Dad big time with that expression I think.

Don't talk to me about diets. We've been trying and hubby has lost 15 pounds while I've lost like 2. Ugh.

KiKi said...

Aw, you had me going for a minute. Lately I've been pigging out too. Today was the first day I got my eating under control.Tomorrow's day 2. Ugh.

At least you're eating your own yummy creations (and who could turn down being hand fed by a prince). Man, he's a doll.