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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have a disease...

And I think I gave it to my son.

It's not a serious or even life threatening disease. You may have heard of it:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD.

Okay, so it's a disorder not a disease.... whatever.

My husband kids me about this ALL the time. Well, I think I may have given it to my son so I'm certain that if scientists were trying to figure out if it was geneticly linked... I can give that answer with a "That's affirmative, good buddy!"

Similar to AmyBow, she has a disease where she cannot procrastinate. Even if it means leaving the teeniest, tiniest task for her husband to do. Mine, I have to have things cleaned all the time. It definitely makes for an easier night once Little Man A goes to bed, but sometimes it can get just downright tiresome.

Well, yesterday I tried another "fun" activity from the Toddler Busy Book.... letting your child pull tissue out of the box. Yes, it can get messy, you will be wasting an entire box of tissue, but it's suppose to bring hours (okay, maybe 20 minutes) worth of fun for your child. I had just finished with a box of tissue, so instead of using another new one, I decided to put pieces of toilet paper in there (Little Man A wanted to help pull it off the roll anyway).

I gave him the box, full of about 20 small squares of toilet paper and waited. I showed him the first piece and was expecting him to just rip out every single piece. Instead, he just looked at it. When I showed him there was more inside.....

He proceeded to put the pieces back in the box!!

Lately, it seems as though he's been extremely helpful around the house. Every single day, after we are done eating at the dinette table, I push all the chairs in. The other day, he helped me push them in!

When I told him it was time for splish-splash time, he proceeded to put his blocks away in the correct box!

Not that I'm complaining. I'm sure this is just a phase. But I have to admit, I really like it! Maybe all my little habits are actually wearing off on my child.

Now, if I could just work on my hubby. (hehehe)


KiKi said...

Oh you lucky duck... Zeze hates to have dirty hands but beyond that all bets are off.

Shar said...

LOVE IT! I have it to and so far my daughter? Not so much. There is always hope for my son.

Jude said...

Your hubby may not have cleaning OCD but he definitely has OCD!
In OCD, the brain gets stuck on a particular thought or urge and just can't let go.
That describes both of you! But I still love you both!!

AmyBow said...

I hope this lasts. Otherwise, soon he will be pulling the TP off the roll, ripping it into shreds and strewing it about your house. THe good news is, since it is impossible to stay on top of all these tiny pieces, it might heal your OCD.

Wenderina said...

Classic, just classic.