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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Something wrong here?

I know I should be mentioning some things that have been happening around the household instead of bringing up our income, but while going over our monthly budget I had to bring it up to someone.

For the past two months, hubby has been working security/loss prevention for Wally World. He's really enjoyed it because of the chase and the thrill of catching someone stealing, but the pay just doesn't add up to what we were used to. He's still trying to get back into the active duty side of the military since taking his promotion last October. Unfortunately, we have both wondered why he took the promotion many times over the past 8 months. We continue to remind ourselves that he just needs to get through until April when he makes First Lieutenant. He does have a few things in the works. It's just a matter of something panning out.

Anyways, you know you had it made with income when you get two paychecks. Both of which are close to the same amount. However, one is for working 80 hours with Wally World. The other? THREE DAYS WITH THE MILITARY!

Didn't think I would ever say this, but he so needs to get back on active duty. It'll happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Too crazy, yet too cute

These boys totally have me wrapped around their fingers. When one is acting wild and crazy, usually LMA, the other one is totally cute with nothing but smiles, usually BBZ. Craziness, yet totally worth it.

Postscript: I think I used the word "totally" way too many times in that short entry.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So how was your Mother's Day?

This past Mother's Day was, well, to be nice to my boys, a little more hectic that I would have liked. I kept looking at LMA wondering who was this child and when would my good, sweet boy return from being kidnapped. BBZ was in rare form as well, totally skipping his last nap of the day which meant he was awake from 4 pm-9pm (I tried to put him down earlier but apparently his third or fourth wind kicked in by the time he finished his last bottle).

From now on, I'm making the Friday or Saturday before Mother's Day, MY Mother's Day. Here's why.

On Friday, I received a beautiful, or at least it was suppose to be, red miniature rose bush with ceramic pot from my parents. I say suppose to because the pot was destroyed in transport and the rose bush was practically transplanted into the plastic wrap around the plant. I was planning on putting it outside anyway, so it wasn't too bad. Also included was a gift certificate to a choice of local restaurants (to be used for hubby and I when they come back into town next month) and a small box of chocolates (which somehow have not been finished yet). Thankfully, Mom was able to contact the company and get a full refund for the damage.

On Saturday, hubby went out to return a fan to Home Depot and go to Lowe's to get one in the same brand so we could match hardware. Along for the ride was LMA, and as soon as they entered Lowe's, LMA heard banging in the distance. Kids Workshop. We've recently been taking him so many times that he now has four aprons, one from Home Depot and three from Lowe's (I plan on taking two back next time we go to Lowe's), a pair of goggles, and his own hammer (not sure we were suppose to walk away with this, but he wouldn't let it go). Anyways.... he ended up making a special little planter with trellis and Lowe's supplied a petunia for Mother's Day. He also worked hard at school making a card, a bookmark (which I didn't include in the pic), a tile with his handprint, and a little popsicle stick frame with picture taken by the teachers.

Before the end of the day, I received a bouquet of long stem roses from "Your three boys". We even had a wonderful dinner where both boys were on their best behavior and LMA didn't have to be told 500 times to "eat his dinner" or "sit down." And for dessert? No Pudge Fudge Brownies with white chocolate chips, caramel pieces, and Andies candies scattered on top. Could not have asked for a better day.

So from now on, either I go out and get a massage on Sunday or I just call Saturday Mother's Day. Either way a massage would be good (hint hint hubby).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo Ops at the Zoo

I just loved playing with my macro lens at the zoo. Most of these were taken in the "Vivid" Function Mode, so the colors are already popping. The only bad thing about using a macro lens is when you don't have proper support or if you happen to have a 6 month old trying to reach for the camera, it makes it a little difficult to get that perfect shot.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day Trip

Since Daddy has been working a civilian job lately, he's had some weekdays off. So we have decided to make the most of still being in the D.C. area and visit places with the boys while we still have a chance.

This week, we ventured via metro to the National Zoo. The metro trip alone took more than one hour before we reached the zoo. We got there just in time for lunch, so we found a cozy spot and tried to convince Little Man A to eat his lunch so we could see the animals. I think he was too excited with anticipation because it took a lot of coaxing on our part just to get him to finish his yogurt.

Last time we visited the zoo, we made the mistake of taking our time while traveling downhill to the end of the zoo. The trek on the way back up the hill was one that we did not want to experience again... especially while pushing a 40 pound child and a stroller uphill. We tried to make a beeline for the end, but there of course were diversions. I mean, how can you just walk past an orangutan sitting in the doorway of the outside exhibit. Or pass by the elephants without taking a picture.

We eventually made it down to the Kids Farm (an hour later), but unfortunately the petting zoo area was closed for the season (not sure when the season even starts). However, a keeper was out walking a pony so LMA was able to pet the pony and see the donkeys going crazy because they were jealous of the "escapee". That, I was later informed, was LMA's favorite part of the day.

BBZ was even enjoying himself. He unfortunately skipped his morning nap and thought the train ride was a little more exciting than trying to go back to sleep (poor kid had just fallen asleep in the car when we parked at the metro station then we moved into the stroller). So after lunch, I was able to face him toward me in the baby bjorn carrier so he could take a little snooze. When he woke up we were passing the Kids Farm and heading to the Reptile House. LMA and BBZ loved spotting the snakes, watching the turtles swim, and smiling at the iguanas bobbing their heads at each other.

On the way home, which wasn't until 4 hours later (and unfortunately after the normal metro rates kick back in), both boys zonked out on the train. This of course was great for bedtime later considering LMA had just woken up. But we eventually settled down.

Next week, we were thinking of heading to the Baltimore Aquarium. Stay tuned for great animal shots from the zoo.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just to make you smile

I love the way this kid lights up whenever he smiles. It's absolutely contagious. So just in case you needed something to make you smile, this is my gift to you.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Personal shopper anyone?

So tonight I scored big on groceries.... and I'm not even done for the week. Our local store was offering "doubler coupons" for manufacturer coupons up to $1.00. They only had four printed per circulation, so it really made it seem as though you could only use four per transaction. Fortunately, I read fine print and it did not say that at all. The only stipulation was that you had to purchase $15 worth of groceries prior to coupons.

Things on grocery list/items on sale that I also happen to have a $1 manufacturer coupon:
Tribe Hummus (larger container $5.99 Buy One Get One FREE)
Tropicana 50 (2 for $5)
Vitamin H2O (10 for $10 - I hate when they do this, just say it's $1 each!)
Special K cereal (all varieties 2 for $5)

I purchased: 6 boxes of Special K, 2 Tropicana 50, 4 Vitamin H2O, and 2 containers of Hummus.

Total: less than $11

Between doubler coupons from the store and manufacturer coupons, I totally scored!

Personal shopper anyone? I wouldn't charge very much.