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Friday, February 15, 2008

Help! I'm turning into Better Crocker

Yes, that's right. Apparently all this staying home and trying to save money has really turned me into a Better Crocker. The other day while I was at Sam's Club picking up more bananas for Little Man A, I saw some 5 inch cakes for Valentine's Day. For $7??! I can make my own, I said. And so I did....

Isn't it lovely?? A strawberry cake (with vanilla pudding to make it more moist) and white frosting (don't worry - I didn't make the frosting). And yes, I used a template to make sure the heart shape on top was perfect (that's the OCD kicking in).

And, on top of that...

For breakfast, I made heart-shaped pancakes!! (Mmmmm)

And for dinner, I made meat loaf with twice baked potatoes.

What's happening to me???


IsDihara said...

What's happening to you? You're becoming even more awesome than you already are!

Not to worry, since 1980 "Betty Crocker" has been portrayed as a more professional woman! And since 1996 her "look" reflects a more multi-cultural woman, so she definitely keeps up with the times.

See? You can make your heart cake(s) and eat it too. (Sorry, I couldn't resist....)

All kidding aside, your cake(s) looked very yummy. I'm sure your family was happy to have these delicious treats to eat. Can I be adopted? ;-)

KiKi said...

I don't know, but can I come over for dinner? Ummm

Wenderina said...

You are becoming a domestic goddess. Something I feel it would take a lightning strike and a personal visit from God for me to become. Enjoy it. I know your family does.

Laura said...

I have had times like this as well, where I was literally trying new recipes every day. I got a new cookbook for my birthday and set out to try every recipe.

My husband was afraid to say he did not like something because my head would start spinning around.

However, that stage passed and I am currently looking for those quick meals that my husband will be okay with, and my daughter will actually touch.

Jude said...

You sound like your Dad!!!