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Friday, May 30, 2008

Scraps 2 Remember Open for Business

Well, it's official! I am open for business. Although I'm currently busy with two scrapbooks at the moment, so you'll have to take a number. But I guess all good things come to those who wait.

Scraps 2 Remember

Although it's not exactly what we want (myself and my brother who is designing it), my splash page is up and has contact information. He also thought of a cool idea to show a sneak peak of some of my pages. Once the page is officially up and running, all of my must-see layouts will be displayed.

A special thanks to Kiki and Wenderina for promoting my new custom scrapbook business. So if you or someone you know and love would like a custom scrapbook made by Scraps 2 Remember, please contact me!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Aren't home improvements grand?

Yeah, right. Not when they happen Friday night and it's the garbage disposal that pops off the undercarriage of the sink!

Yes, Friday night while hubby was giving Little Man his bath and I was doing the dishes, the garbage disposal decided it no longer wanted to be attached to the sink. Oh, it was still working. As a matter of fact, it was spewing food particles all underneath the sink. And wouldn't you know, I just finished depositing dinner leftovers in it. And earlier that day, I had put in some old Parmesan ranch cheese spread. Oh what a lovely smell that made!

So, hubby finished up with the bath while I investigated garbage disposals and possibly sinks to replace. We decided instead of calling our home warranty company (which totally came in useful this past November when our A/C and Heating unit called it quits) and paying $100 for someone to come out on the weekend, that we would just replace it ourselves.

We prepared for the worse because every other "little" project around this house has turned into a 3 day project.

Hubby went to our neighborhood Lowe's where we have already spent Little Man's college fund and bought a new and deeper sink (our old one was only 5 inches deep and could barely hold a cup and a plate and a fork for that matter) with a new garbage disposal.

While I cleaned up all the cleaning products that were under the sink (ironic, huh), he worked like any amateur plumber would...

Then, we crossed our fingers and hoped that everything would run smoothly. While he worked feverishly, I supervised...

Yes, that's a delicious piece of strawberry shortcake. Yes, I offered him some, but he didn't want any.

Amazingly enough, we only had to return to Lowe's for one additional part - new plumbing PVC pipe that we couldn't/wouldn't dare reuse. Now, we have a lovely new sink to match our kick-ass faucet and a quiet garbage disposal (it helps that the new sink actually has noise reduction pads).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

UFR - Unidentifiable Freakin Rash

It's been a long time (okay, just a week) since I have blogged and I really should be working on my current scrapbook project for my next client, but I really need to post this. In hopes, if anything, that someone out there may recognize this UFR and let me know what it is.

About 3 weeks ago now, Little Man A popped up with this rash on his legs. It was weird. One minute, he looked normal, the next he had a red, non-raised rash all over his legs. And it didn't seem to bother him. That day, we had gone to the park after it finally stopped raining here for 3 days straight and he played in the sand. He had come up with bug bites before, but this was completely different.

When it hadn't gone away, actually it had gotten worse - now it was on his arms! I called my mother in a panic wondering what chicken pox looked like. I had chicken pox when I was a child (I even have the scars from a few on my forehead and knee to prove it), but we weren't sure if hubby had been vaccinated against it (he didn't have it as a child).

The following day, no improvement and I really couldn't tell if it was bothering him so I called the medical center to see if we should come in. They agreed since it wasn't bothering him (I think he was just having a bad morning), they weren't pustules or bleeding, he didn't have a fever, that we should just monitor it for now. Throughout the day, the small spots turned into blotches, then some of them would disappear while more showed up. This was weird. That night we tried baking soda in the bath water just for shits and giggles.

By Friday of that week, it hadn't gone away and like I said they were getting bigger and covering his legs and thighs. I took him to the doctor after a nurse deemed it important to actually see the doctor (thanks) and he is what she said:

"A possible symptomatic reaction to a viral infection"

Which means, that is her million-dollar-I-went-to-school-for-8 years-but-I-have-no-idea-what-it-is answer.

I even canceled a Cinco de Mayo party I planned for our old neighborhood friends. And my appointment to have Mother's Day photos taken. And wouldn't you know Sunday, except for one little spot, it's gone.... or so we thought.

Needless to say, since then the spots have come and gone. Some days they are 3-6mm (about 1cm) in diameter, other's they are large 2-3cm blotches that have a defined edge, but aren't complete circles. They aren't raised, they don't cover his abdomen or torso, sometimes, they pop up on his face, and they don't itch or bother him. I've thought of endless possibilities (tick bite, chicken pox, heat rash, allergies, ringworm, etc.) but nothing seems to really fit.

So, if you're not grossed out... which I've seen worse, let me know if you've seen this before. If not, from what I've read (and of course this is from possibly a non-reliable source from the internet) it should be around for 7-60 days total. Not sure I can sit around that long, but I guess I have no other choice.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Hope all the mothers out there, either current or soon to be, had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday! We continued our Sunday tradition with a trip to IKEA for a late morning breakfast. This time we made sure to get Little Man A his very own plate of eggs so I could finish mine myself. Then we proceeded downstairs to pick out a new bistro set for underneath our large tree in the front yard. It looks very nice. We then came home and once Little Man was down for his 3-1/2 hour siesta, we added shelving to my scrapbook room/office! It is so neat, now I have no excuse NOT to get any work done!

Speaking of Mother's Day, I was forwarded this link about mothers needing to take care of themselves. I thought it was a good one and wanted to pass it along!

To all the Moms out there – don’t forget your “me” time…

Enjoy the rest of your day. Hope it's not a cold and rainy one like here in Virginia.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anger Management (or lack there of)

Long time no blogging. I've been extremely busy with work around the house (yeah springtime cleaning), completing my first paid custom scrapbook, and just plain exhausted. Lack of motivation and inspiration haven't help either. Although I take that back, there has been inspiration like when I found a new activity that really kept A's attention (more on that in another post).

Little Man A's temper tantrums have taken an all time high lately and it's starting to take its toll on me. I'm sure it's also starting to effect hubby as well considering he's the one that I'm taking MY frustration out on. All this lack of anger management (actually for Little Man A it's not knowing how to control his emotions) have really started to make me wonder if I need an anger management course myself.

Because honestly, I've been a miserable person to be around lately. Yeah, sure I can put on a good smile like the best of them, but once I get behind closed doors its an entirely different story.

I know for a fact that there are more less fortunate people out there in the world, so really? What do I have to be angry about? So what I wake up at 6am and again at 6:05am and again at 6:10 because hubby's alarm is going off and I have no freaking clue as to how to turn it off (except to throw it against the wall). So what Little Man A wakes up crying at 6:45am which wakes me up out of a dream making me even more tired than at 6:00am when hubby's alarm was going off? Do I honestly have to take it out on hubby when he asks me if I wanted the truck for the day? To my defense, he asked me three times in a row to which I replied "No" each time, but that's not a good excuse.

All this anger and bundled up frustration is really starting to make me wonder if I should re-medicate myself. The only thing that's really stopping me are the withdrawal symptoms that I experienced.

I'm lost as to where to go from here. Do I ask my doctor for advice? Do I just sit down with hubby and express what I'm feeling? Do I keep a journal (written) of what I'm feeling and when and see if that's therapeutic enough (I highly doubt it)? Is this even normal for me to feel this way, especially considering all that I'm trying to do (start a new business, keep the house in order, try to curve Little Man A's own emotions)?

I tell you what though. I'm tired. And compared to some people out there, I know I have absolutely no reason to be.

And hubby, I know you read this occasionally. All I can say is that I'm trying. Thanks for being the saint that you are and hanging in there with me while I figure this out (although I may want to do it quickly before you change your mind). All your masonic (cult) teachings are really paying off. Maybe I should join the women's circle??