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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Enjoying the little moments

Since hubby had a long weekend, it's easy to keep Little Man busy. On Friday, since the weather was nicer here, we decided to venture to the park. As did several other families, but this made for some additional entertainment for Little Man. It's just amazing how he can people watch for such a long time. Granted I know it's also the age, but he really does take after his father in this department. Hopefully, this means he won't become a police officer.

Little Man has also taken a real likely to his Legos that Granddad got him for Christmas. I didn't think that he would be ready to play with these, but I've noticed him really improving the skill of snapping the pieces together. Ten minutes into playing with them, he starts to get frustrated and starts throwing them. So he turns to the one thing he really loves...


Saturday, we had Little Man's 14 month picture taken at a local Picture Me studio in Wal-Mart. I really didn't have the perfect shirt, so we made sure to leave earlier to browse through Wal-mart. Every 18 month shirt that I tried on him was really too big. So instead of purchasing a 12 month shirt (which fit him perfectly)... we borrowed it. Yes, I'm a redneck and put an unpurchased shirt on my child to have his picture taken for 10 minutes and then put it back on the shelf. I know for a fact that hundreds of other people do the exact same thing every day. I can only imagine how many people put the shirt on the child and then walk out the door without paying for the shirt. That I would never do. But let me tell you. Between the shirt, his smile, and the big football in the picture - it's a really cute pose. I'll share that when we get them next month.

Later that afternoon, we hung around in bed watching tv.

This is the way every Saturday should be spent. I can't wait for the days when he crawls into bed while we're still sleeping and just wants to cuddle and watch tv..... not at 4am of course.

Sunday, we traveled to Toys R Us because they have a great sale this week with Fisher-Price toys. Unfortunately, it's actually on their INFANT toys, so we ended up not getting anything for Little Man. I was really bummed that I missed that all important word (infant) because I was really excited about the possibility of finishing Little Man's Christmas/Birthday shopping for this year. I'm trying to be good about presents and have shopping done by this summer. Whether or not it will work, I'll let you know. But I know several people who take advantage of after season sales and really get great deals.

In the afternoon, we had a lesson on how to smell things rather than put them in his mouth. I got out my lotions and perfumes....

It was a nice quiet moment.

Then, to end a great weekend, we had an enjoyable evening with friends on Monday. Little Man shared his toys very nicely and he even let little Bruce borrow his beloved train. We have a back-up so he forgot about the circumstances 5 minutes later. I was also able to finally show them their completed scrapbook, so if she's okay with it, I'll be showing off some of those layouts.

All in all, it was a really good weekend.


IsDihara said...

Of course I'm okay with you sharing those incredibly awesome puppy layouts you did for me! Can't wait to see your faves up on this blog!

Just let me know if you would like us to help smooth out any more of your double-page spreads. Now that I know how to do it, the turn-around time will be shorter. :-)

Jude said...

Wow! you are really great parents...maybe you should start a parenting class instead of a scrapbook business! most student are behind in grade level because their parents don't spend enough time with them "exploring", reading, or just talking to their kids....
I can't wait to get there to do some exploring with my Little man!

KiKi said...

I second what Jude said. I love reading about the time you spend with Little man - you guys are helping him to develop and giving so much more to him than the average child gets these days.