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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another one complete

Happy Valentine's Day!

For all you people out there who are interested in my scrapbooking, here is another layout complete for Little Man A's scrapbook! This time I tried scanning the pages and piecing them together on a Mac pages layout.

Hope you like it as much as I do! Only 8 more to go!


Shar said...

It's so cute. I need to come up with the time to do these things

Jude said...

The girls in my class love them! you are GOOD!

Wenderina said...

So cute darlin. I loved when I looked at the enlargement that you had all the milestones printed in the bands of color. And the way the photos are arranged looked almost like a bar graph. Cool.

IsDihara said...

I love how you worked the journaling of this layout into your design. It looks terrific. You're inspiring me to crank out pages for my "little man's" baby album.

Speaking of Bruce, wowza! I couldn't believe how tiny he looks in the photo, lying there next to Little Man A. They both look so small and precious. *sigh* Makes me want to go eat a brownie! :-)

See? Good design always takes you back to the moment. Yours certainly did for me. Keep 'em comin', please.