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Monday, December 10, 2007

Uninspired as well

I too have been feeling a little uninspired. Well, maybe not so much, uninspired, but rather hesitant to post what's really going on lately. Between dealing with the fact that my baby is turning one year old this week, a very unexpected death in the family, not getting enough sleep, trying to find the perfect gift for my mother, my brother, and my dear friend and her two daughters, life has been hectic around here.

I've tried thinking of things, other things than the above mentioned, and I hit a dead end.

I try to start a topic that I think I might have lots to say about, and then.... nothing.

So, I too may have to take a lesson from Anxious Moments and her new assignment by Prairie Gourmet to become more inspired with blogging. I say with blogging because lately I've actually been very artisticly (help, is that a word??) inspired and have started my son's first year scrapbook. It started off as a project that I wanted to have finished for his birthday party this weekend, but with me taking a roll of film per week as he was growing up I have a lot of photos to sort through. Thankfully, they are organized. It's just a matter of narrowing them down and being able to fit them all on to the pages. My idea: take two main photos and keep them 4x6 size and the rest get to be wallet sizes. That way, I can put 12 photos on two pages and still have room left over for journaling.

I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens. Tootles!


KiKi said...

My condolences for your loss.

KiKi said...

Also, here's a tag to perhaps inspire you. Because I like reading your blog. Also, because I'm nosy. If you'd like, tell us about:

Your search for the perfect gift for your loved ones.
Any special plans?
Any holiday photos of Little Man A - please, please something with the dog! :)
Any holiday scrapbooking projects?
How close are you to finishing little man's birthday book?

Anything else involving your little guy or scrapbooking that you'd like to share.