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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

It's the last day of the year and all I can think about is, "where the hell has this year gone?!" It's still amazing to me as well how much Little Man A has grown over the past 12 months. As of today, he is constantly walking around, can't quite stand up on his own without the help of a nearby leg or piece of furniture. He has two more teeth coming in which would make for a total of four on top. These ones aren't being kind to him about the process either. He's still wearing 12 months clothes, with the occasional 18 month that runs small or in his case his one piece pajamas. His coordination just amazes me on a daily basis and the way he imitates different moves that we make makes me do a double take (just the other day we taught him how to "strum his banjo" to play along with one of his toys).

One of the things that I am determined to finish this year, preferably in the next month or two, is his first year scrapbook. Just looking at his first pictures, his first bath, his first walk around the block, brings a tear of joy to my eyes. Here is one of my favorite pictures of him shortly after he was born.

In some aspects, I'm nervous about what this next year holds for him and his development/changes in general. I'm nervous about changing him completely over to a sippy cup and doing away with the bottle. But what I'm most nervous about is that I can already start to see his little temper begin to form in certain circumstances. Yesterday, I was sitting with him in his tent reading books. Occasionally I would peek out of the tent to either talk to my mom or peek at the football game. Two seconds later, I feel him swatting at me in the face - probably to make me continue reading to him or pay attention to him. I know allot of the temper tantrums come from not having the language ability to tell me what he wants, but if he's anything like my husband and I, which I can already tell he is, he'll be a handful before the age of 2.

Here's to making sure I keep my sanity throughout the new year, to the adventures that I'm sure will be fun and exciting, and to keeping our spills and injuries to a minimum (which I'm sure will by many- he's already given himself a black eye today from tripping over something in his room and falling toward his diaper pail).

Happy New Year!


Wenderina said...

Maybe he'll be a prodigy child who can count to 10 early enough to use this trick to settle his temper. Or maybe you'll have to re-learn that trick yourself.

Hang in there - you guys are a wonderful family and we love to watch you keep growing together!

KiKi said...

Happy new year! Here's to a healthy one full of joy and blessings... can't wait to see what this year holds for little man.