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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Little Man A's first birthday

Obviously, with Little Man A's birthday and then birthday party as well as my husband's birthday only 4 days later, I've been a little busy. Since I don't have very much time right now (I was hoping to get to bed before 10pm) and really wanted to post an entry, I thought I'd show with you a few of the pics from Little Man A's birthday. Hope you enjoy!

He really wasn't in to opening the gifts unless they were in a bag so he could just peak in and pull out the gift (good to know for Christmas!)

He really liked the balloons that we got for him so when he saw them on the cake, he went straight for it and almost threw his toy into the cake (the little conductor toy) We didn't let him dive into it since he wasn't in his highchair (forgot his cake until the last minute).

Look Mom! Pretty colors! You can imagine how wired he was after he got a handful of frosting. It took him about 25 minutes to settle down after we put him to bed. (Note to self: Cake in the afternoon, not before bedtime!)

I also wanted to mention that over the weekend, Little Man A has started to walk! He's still really cautious about holding onto things (aka Mom) and still cruising more than walking on his own. Today he actually walked toward me, turned around and went back to his toy that he was playing with. Tomorrow we have his 1 year check up (uh oh, shots!) so we'll find out how big he is.


AmyBow said...

YAY! A walker. It is true, life will change quickly. It is great to be able to put them down and have them move on their own, but they never seem to go the direction that you want them to...

KiKi said...

OMG, I love his cake face. HAHAHAHAHA.