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Friday, December 21, 2007

8 Things I say on a Daily Basis

(Thanks to Prairie Gourmet who gave this as a suggestion to Anxious Moments during her uninspired moment)

1. "Dear." This can be used many different ways. Dear. Dear! Dear? Dear....

2. "Dear, what are you doing?" (Notice how I used #1 already?) This is usually asked because I know he's playing his Playstation games and I really want him to help me with something..... or because he's sitting on his ass and I'm not.

3. "Maggie, just lay down." Maggie is our cocker spaniel and Little Man A absolutely adores her. Unfortunately, when I was training her I wanted to make sure she wasn't getting into anything in the house so I always made sure she was somewhere within my vision. Now she follows me around like a lost puppy dog (which really she is) and sometimes it can get really annoying when you have a 23 pound child hanging on you and a 25 pound lost dog following you around.

4. "Seriously?" Like Number 1, this can be used many ways as well. Seriously. Seriously? Seriously! I'm not sure if I picked this up from Grey's Anatomy or from the Backyardigans.

5. "Son of a ...." Yes, I usually do stop before I finish this sentence. Usually. Since my son has been born, I've been trying to curtail the cursing. It's usually only when he's not around (hence the swearing while playing cards!), but I'm sure one day he'll overhear me swearing when I think he's not listening.

6. "You've got to be kidding." Most of the time this is when I'm trying to drive around the idiots that live here in the metroplex of D.C. or when I'm running into Wal-mart (which is never really a quick stop) for something simple.

7. "Not in your mouth." Obviously, this is directed to Little Man A. I'm sure he'll be in the oral stage of exploring for atleast... oh, the next 10 years... or maybe more. Recently, when I say this phrase, he'll turn the other way and start crawling as fast as he can. It's really quite funny.

8. "Buggaboo, whatcha doin'??" Yes, you can tell that I am a mother. Especially since two of my phrases have to do with my child. I'm not quite sure where Buggaboo came from, but I just thought it sounded good. We call one of our cats, Angus who is 20 pounds atleast, Bubba, so I couldn't call my child that name. Lately, Little Man A has been really good about playing in the living room while I'm getting meals ready. The other day, it was quiet for a good 5 minutes or so. I looked around the corner and he was gone. I found him in his room just looking through his books. Too cute!

Hope you enjoyed my little list. Tomorrow, I'll be trying to download a few videos of him walking.

Oh, and I almost forgot his stats from his appointment yesterday. At 12 months old, he is 24.2 pounds and 32 inches long. Not too bad considering he was 9.4 pounds and 21 inches long when he was born. Unfortunately, mommy was voted the worst mommy in the world yesterday because of the 3 shots and blood draw. Yes, I said blood draw. I asked about a lead test for him because of the recent events with toys from China (not to mention 95% of all of his board books as well are printed or manufactured in China). I thought it was a simple finger prick for the lead test. Nope! An entire CBC (complete blood count) which is a full 3-5cc of blood from my child's arm! Granted this is only a tablespoon of blood - quick biology lesson - but from a 12 month old who doesn't want to sit still and be poked with a needle, it's a lot! He did really well with everything considering (plus the nurses were really good about letting me hold him rather than laying him down on the table). But today he is so miserable, achy, and just plain tired. Hopefully, with a few doses of children's tylenol today he'll be feeling better tomorrow.


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