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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My precious "Me" time

Is slowly started to go away. Apparently, much to my efforts of trying to alter things, my son is in the process of switching from two to one naps. It's a very horrible thing to lose the precious time you take for granted on a daily basis. That's why sometimes I wish I had gone back to work so I could get out of the house, actually have adult conversations, and have "me" time (granted it would be on the clock, but atleast it's something).

Last week, I tried putting on his ceiling fan to see if that made a difference in the afternoon. I worked for all of about 2 days and then he was back to fighting his afternoon nap. Yesterday, I tried just letting him stay up there for 1-1/2 hours. If he wanted to talk, fine, but he was not coming out of his room. I know, I'm a mean mom. He was pretty much done with being by himself by 2:45pm and in I walked to retrieve him. So needless to say, my child was not very happy by the time bedtime came around (which we moved up to 7pm since he had been awake since 11am!)

Today, I tried waking him up earlier at 10:45am and still putting him down for his nap at 1-3pm. At first he was quiet, rubbing his eyes, laying on top of his giraffe lovey, Jeffrey. Then, 15 minutes later.... "blah, blah, ma, ma..." Go to sleep child!

So, here I sit trying to find "little" things to do again and decided I wanted to make a post. Then I'll go online to order a few more prints to finish up his scrapbook and then maybe sit and start to watch Oprah's made for tv movie, "One More Day" after Mitch Album's book.

Oh, wait... is that silence I hear on the baby monitor?? (sigh) Hopefully he actually went to sleep.



Wenderina said...

Hang in there babe. For both child and adult the hardest time is the transition period.

KiKi said...

Yes, definitely. But don't worry you will find your new rhythm in no time!

Shari said...

My man is entirely over the napping... And I'm hating it. Good luck to you.