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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Little Man A Walking

Tonight we went to our previous next door neighbors house for a big family dinner. We became really good friends with three families on the block and they really are the best things that have happened to us since moving to the D.C. area. As we were mingling with friends, I would watch Little Man A in amazement at how he would walk around the house. These videos were taken just 5 days ago and he's already improved this newfound skill since then. He's growing so fast and I'm sure it'll be no time before I'm running after him! Good way to keep the pounds off I'm sure!


My drunken sailor


IsDihara said...

Wow, it's terrific to see blog footage of your Little Man walking! Now, be sure to follow up with an update of you exhausted/collapsed on either some random piece of furniture or the floor from chasing him around all day!

KiKi said...

isdihara, too funny!!! and all to true. But they are so adorable when they first start walking. Have fun chasing him :P