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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh the Transition Stage

As you have read earlier, I've been struggling with Little Man A's changing world. Not only has he started to move around by walking (he looks like a drunken sailor), he's started to change from two to one nap per day. I've heard this process of actually finding the perfect balance with naps can last for several months. So when he was acting fussy yesterday around 10am, and actually went down for a nap, I was pleasantly surprised.

Since I actually wanted to get him to take a second nap so he'll be able to last the rest of the day, I woke him up at 11am. To my surprise and pure delight, he took another nap at 1-3pm. Thank goodness because I have lots of present wrapping still left to do and a surprise gift that I'm working on for my mother (no I'm not going to tell because she does read this every once in awhile). But don't fret, I will take pictures and show you after Christmas.

So right now, I'm listening to the quiet hum (ok, it's actually really loud) of my fish tank light in the background. I'm also dreading our 1-year check up at the doctor's because I know he needs to get shots. And hopefully, they won't roll their eyes at me when I ask to do a lead test (which I've read they are suppose to do anyway, but the military health care world is "different"). I'll let you know his stats and how the event went later. Until then, here are some of my attempts to get a 12 month picture with the special bear.


He keeps throwing the bear away!

Okay, let's try Mickey Mouse?!


1 comment:

IsDihara said...

Another terrific-ly entertaining entry -- great one, mom! Loved the "blooper" photos. Little Man A is so expressive that even the "not perfect" ones are precious.