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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Help! We're bored!

Alright, I know I've written about this topic in the past, but it seems history keeps repeating itself. Maybe it's because I've been so wrapped up in getting my scrapbook business up and running which in turn is making me so exhausted I'm falling asleep watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or that I'm actually tired of the repetition of our daily occurrences. Either way, I think Little Man A is bored. And frankly, I know I am.

If it weren't for our current economic situation, I would seriously consider putting Little Man A in a local daycare within walking distance once or twice weekly just to give him some outside stimulation. I've even resorted to making sure I have the vehicle once or twice a week so we can get some outside interactions (okay, so I can also accomplish some errands - plus Little Man LOVES seeing the train that daddy takes to work everyday!). Granted it's easier when the weather is nice and we can just walk to the playground and play for 45 minutes to an hour, but even that can get tedious at times. The only thing I know that will keep his attention is to sit down and watch tv, but I don't really want my child turning into a "couch potato" and to be honest I think he gets tired of it as well after the first 30 minutes.

Then on top of everything, Little Man A has been waking up at the butt crack of dawn (and sometimes prior). I seriously think it may be due to the amount of light coming in through his curtains in the morning. I doesn't matter what time we put him to bed the night before or how active he was prior to winding down for the night, he still wakes up around 6:00 AM. This also doesn't help the fact that he's trying to skip his morning nap. So by the time lunch time rolls around, he's falling asleep in his cheese and crackers.

So, I'm posting today in desperate need for suggestions for activities for my child and I. I've tried the Toddler Time activity books and it seems as though those adventures only last 5-10 minutes max. I even tried bowling with empty water bottles and a small soccer ball, but he wanted to body-knock them down instead. I guess he's still too young for that. I'm sure it's just the age of Little Man A, but I'm at my wits end ....... again.

Please help. Little Man A will greatly appreciate it!


Jude said...

Use the barter system...go to a child care center or Y and see if you can volunteer with other kids, if A can attend at the same time (in another room).....or put an ad in the community paper for play-day with other kids in the area (walking distance)...

KiKi said...

Awwww... I think your mom had some great input. Any playgroups in your area?

Also, does A have a tricycle? I found that to be a lifesaver for warm days. Zeze loved the computer at that age, and there are several education but FUN programs on PBSkids.org and nickjr.com... let him bang away on the pc if you can stand it.

Wenderina said...

All my friends claim Play Dates save their lives. They get adult time and the kids get social time. A win-win.

Go back to your old neighborhood if nothing comes up in the new one and visit your friends. It's worth the cost of gas for the social interaction.

And just think Nana and I will be there in a little over a week. Your daily dull routine will seem very interesting to us!

AmyBow said...

Also, remember that Little Man A can entertain himself a little bit. Every activity doesn't have to involve Mommy or be highly stimulating. Throwing every toy out of the toy box doesn't mean he is bored, it means he is exploring and it means that you can sit on the couch while he does that and let him go at it.

LP loves puzzles. The wooden ones that seem really easy to grown-ups. Now she has gotten good at them and takes the pieces out and puts them back in the proper place, but even before she could do that she would pick up each piece, play with it, try to fit it into all of the different holes...sure, she would get frustrated, but she is now an expert. And now she comes up with new ways to use the puzzles, like mixing the pieces from several and trying to figure out what goes where, and naming the pieces, and giving them sounds...

Lori said...

I know some of the moms here on the island have a playgroup, so I would suggest that. They also have this rotating babysitting thing. I'm not sure how it works exactly, but one day you'd watch someone else's kid and then one day the next week they'd watch yours. I think it's just a few hours, but imagine how much scrapbooking you could get done. Absolutely no idea on how to find a playgroup or set up the babysitting swap, but it seems like a good option.

Also, if the light really is interfering with A's sleep (I'm sure it is, who wants to sleep when it's light out?) you should get these: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90130691