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Monday, April 7, 2008

Home is...

Thought you mom's out there, either it be of children or even animals, would appreciate this little story. Happy Monday!

by Barb Vogelgesang, Area Coordinator of MOPS

I was traveling recently and found myself stranded at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. This unexpected curve allowed me to spend some time people watching. The waiting area at the gate was crowded with stranded passengers. I noticed a young mom with two children pushing a carriage while she struggled to pull along their carry-on bag. She stopped and scoped out the available spaces and moved to two chairs near the ticket agent counter. It was interesting to watch her set up camp.

She blocked off the two chairs with the bag and the carriage creating a safe play area for her toddler. A blanket was put down with some toys and the little guy sat down happily at his mom’s feet. Every once in awhile he would stand up to check on his baby brother sleeping in the carriage and pat his mom’s leg. His mom’s desire and ability to create a temporary home for him made him content. When the ticket agent announced that our flight was canceled the mom left the safe corral to get on line. She built her “home” close enough to the ticket counter that she was able to keep one hand on the carriage at all times. As long as her little guy could see mom’s hand he was just fine.

It’s amazing how as moms we can establish a cozy dwelling place and the security this gives our children. A carriage, a suitcase, two chairs, and a blanket in a crowded airport and a little two year old played happily while his infant brother slept, all because mom was near. I’ve heard the saying home is where the heart is, but the reality for a young child is home is wherever mom is.

P.S. Hope everyone enjoyed my recapturing of our cruise. I know I enjoyed sharing it with everyone. Not to mention, I'll be able to include it in my scrapbook for later.

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