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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wasted time...

Not like I had anything better to do, but I found this neat link from Trenches in Mommyhood. Just click on the link and see how fast you can type. Not bad for a Stay-at-home mom, I think.

55 words


Just wanted to let you know that since I am getting started with my new business, Little Man A has recently dropped to 1 nap in the afternoon (sometimes stretching 3 hours, but others only 1-1/2 hours), I will be cutting back on my entries. However, stay tuned for Friday's posting. My blog is turning 100!


Big Daddy said...

I typed 71 WPM! :o)


Wenderina said...

Hey - I'm at 80! Having my fingers glued to the keyboard for the last 20 years has doubled my score since high school typing class.