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Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 7: Last day is at sea

After yesterday's events in Aruba, today is pure bliss. Our day started at 7:45am when we were awoken by the spa reminding us of our appointment -"Thank you very much - we are on our way!" We had the opportunity (more like money) to be able to get a "Pick Three" treatment earlier in the week (I got a mini-facial, foot & ankle massage, and a Frangipani hair treatment & scalp massage; hubby got the foot & ankle massage, hair treatment & scalp massage, and a hand treatment. We were limited on what treatments we could pick, but for $50 lasting 50 minutes, it was nice) and that set the tone.

We picked a hot-stone treatment which is very good for deep tissue muscle relaxation. Although I was a little uncomfortable at first about being completely naked under a thin drape, I was actually more concerned about not peeing because I was so relaxed. And after 75 minutes of pure bliss, I had to go pee so bad! But I was thoroughly relaxed! I would so pay the money to do that again (note to self: It's cheaper to do it while we are docked rather than at sea).

We went to breakfast - I finally had some waffles (although they applied way too much syrup for my taste)! Then? We went back to bed. This was quite easy considering we were still lathered with lavender and chamomile oils from the massage.

Our friends were finally dismissed from quarantine and we met them at the Art Auction. We didn't really plan on buying anything. It's just something the rich do... oh, and the free champagne they were handing out!

While we were waiting for the art auction to get underway, right next door they were having a wine and food tasting seminar. We decided to join the fun and see what wines go with what foods. Although there are no true rules of which wine goes with which food, it's more an answer of personal taste, but we did get some great hints.

We went back to the art auction, even more giddy than when we left, had a few more glasses of champagne (8 rounds of Grande Spumante....9 rounds of Grands Spumante... to the tune of "10 Rounds of Jose Quervo"). We almost bid on a few pictures by Andrew Bone, a reknowned artist who depicts African wildlife so beautifully. It was a pretty good deal for two paintings, but we obviously don't have the money (especially with the way the market is dreadfully declining).

For the rest of the evening prior to dinner, we shopped at the onboard stores (actually we didn't buy anything - turned out the rum fudge didn't have any liquor in it and the coconut patties I could get at the commissary for half the price), packed our bags to be picked up later in the evening, and take any last minute pics of the ship.

When we arrived at dinner, we exchanged email addresses with our new found friends, gave them my business card actually so I could create a baby book or a reunion album and talked about our weeks events. I had totally forgotten about telling Celebrity that hubby and I were celebrating our anniversary (actually it was in January, but they don't need to know that. We were actually invited to a party that we missed with more champagne and delicious cake - or so we were told by our friends who were actually celebrating their anniversary that week) and we were "surprised" with an anniversary cake for dessert (in addition to the other dessert we had ordered of course).

After dinner we celebrated our last day of the cruise with our friends and a bottle of champagne that they won at the anniversary gathering that we missed. They won it because they were the couple that had been married the shortest amount of years.... 7 years. If we had gone to the gathering, we would have won it with 5 years. So of course, they shared it with us. It was cheap sparkling wine I'm sure, but it was a nice way to end the evening.

Would we do it again? Absolutely! In fact, our friends are planning another cruise in October to the Mediterranean (we don't have the money to go on that one!). When we go on our next one, we'll be sure to invite them again. We had such a blast sharing our adventures with them and we can't wait to do it again!


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Jude said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your cruise - it felt like I was with you when you went again through pictures and your stories. I am so happy that you had a wonderful time with your husband and friends - it is so important to stay connected. We should plan this every year - I loved staying connected with my beautiful grandson. Love, Mom