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Monday, April 28, 2008

A new tradition

As a family, we have very few things that we would actually call a "tradition". Obviously, we have the basic holidays but small events that we do together either weekly or monthly... not so much. Don't get me wrong, we have a schedule to abide to, but that's different. Trust me though that schedule definitely helps me get through the day sometimes.

So last weekend, we were thinking of different things to do. Saturday was a no brainer since it was beautiful weather we were outside most of the day. Sunday however, it was rainy and cold. We still had our plans of what we would like to do with our front yard plantings on our minds when I mentioned IKEA. I thought we could check there to see if they had something small, like a bistro set to place under our large tree in the midst of our new flower garden.

I also knew IKEA had a small cafe and thought that would be a perfect place to sit and have a mid-morning snack with Little A. Apparently, there are lots of other people with the same idea. So we ordered two small breakfast plates with eggs, home fries/hash browns, and bacon. Little A loved the eggs and potatoes! It was nice to sit and relax with Little A. There was enough people around in the cafe to keep him distracted while we finished our plates and tea/coffee.

The best part - it was cheap! Compared to IHOP or Denny's where you would normally pay close to $10 for two plates, coffee, tea, juice, and milk, we only paid $3.95! Yesterday we went back, this time I made sure to bring juice for Little A and I ordered just tea. Total = $2.08! I think we may have to order a third plate though just for Little A because he ate all of mine. With the rising prices of gasoline (granted I know it cost us to drive there), I can definitely deal with that. An added bonus, we get to shop afterwards. I found some great table runners with the perfect colors that I have been looking for to turn into pillows for our living room.

I think this is definitely a tradition that we may keep.


KiKi said...

Brilliant! I think you're on to something...

Manager Mom said...

Ikea RAWKS! The closest Ikea to me is a 45 minute drive, so the gas I use pretty much blows the savings...