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Friday, November 30, 2007

Those darn teeth!

For the past month it seems like, my child has been dealing with teething issues. Or atleast I think he is. I have hated to use this statement, "He's teething", as an excuse for his grumpiness, because honestly, you really don't know. I mean the kid can sit there and drool and chew at his fingers all day, but is he really "teething"?

Last week while we were visiting hubby's relatives in Houston, I could have swore I felt a second tooth on the bottom coming through. Then, the next day it was just a little bump. Was I feeling things or did this tooth decide to go back in?

I still have yet to actually capture of picture of his two front teeth, one top and one bottom on the same side. I think it's the cutest thing that he didn't get both top or both bottom. No, my child is weird and gets one top and one bottom.

My mother has said repeatedly that he will have all four front teeth in by the time he is a year old. Which happens to be in 15 days by the way!! Where the hell has this year gone?!? The other thing she is forecasting is that he will be walking by his first birthday as well. I'm not too sure about that. But then again this is the same kid who went from crawling to standing in about 2 weeks, so you never know.

The other thing that is suppose to be happening as well is the change from formula to whole milk. I'm not too sure I really want to do this change just yet. Not that I want to keep spending $15 per week for Enfamil, but I know the formula has more calcium and other vital nutrients compared to whole milk. I know I have to do this change over the course of a few weeks anyway because the difference in taste and texture, but other than that I'm clueless. And then I have to get rid of the bottles and the pacifier?!?

My hubby asked me yesterday, "Why are you so insistent on him staying a baby?" Hello!? Because he is my baby and I'm his mother! Ask any other mother out there and I'm sure they will say the exact same thing. I'm this person who 2 years ago didn't even want to think about having a child, and yet now I cry even as I look at his baby pictures. I'm not sure who to blame this on... my child or my husband?

Anyways, needless to say I'm looking forward to his one year milestone, but at the same time I'm not looking forward to all the changes that are going to happen. But then again, haven't things been changing on an almost every other day basis for the past year and a half (including the pregnancy of course)?? I don't handle change well - and I married a military man? What was I thinking?

Well, I have to go find something small to do. It seems my child who always takes a nap from 1-3 pm wants to talk in his crib and has been doing so for the past hour now. Not sure if this means he doesn't want to take a nap at all or if he'll be falling asleep within the next 15 minutes. Have a great weekend!

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KiKi said...

Yes, it all happens so fast. My daughter is 4.5 now and I remember her being an infant like it was yesterday. She squirms when I try to cuddle her and hates when I treat her like a baby... so I'm feelin ya on the whole wanting him to be a baby forever thing.