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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fears, Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, so we're getting ready to go to Houston tomorrow to visit hubby's family. Not only have we paid an arm and a leg to get there for Thanksgiving, we have to pay to put the dog in a kennel and unfortunately have to spend money for a hotel as well. Then, nobody in the family wants to cook for Thanksgiving, so we are going out for brunch. Yep, no Thanksgiving dinner this year, folks. Thankfully, someone will be picking us up from the airport, but right now I have no idea how we are getting back on Saturday.

On top of all that confusion, I have other fears while flying. It's not that I don't like to fly, I just get worried, especially now with all these changes/restrictions. My top fear is that my 11 month old son will be crying the entire way. Thankfully, it's a straight shot there, but his nap times fall right in the middle of when we are flying. Yes, it could happen that he does fall asleep across our legs (since we didn't pay for a seat for him - how could I afford that anyway), but I somehow doubt it.

Then, we have to take our big Britax car seat for him. My second fear is that the airline is going to break it in some way shape or form. We did purchase a large bag/cover for it to protect it, but you know those people who handle the bags... they don't care.

Lastly, I watch my son like a hawk. When I see him even go near his ear, I'm asking myself "Did he really pull at his ear? Or did he just touch it? Could he have an ear infection?" Especially while flying, I'm scared that he's going to get one even if he doesn't have one already. Or worse, catch a cold and spread it to us.

My hubby says I worry too much. I say I worry for the both of us since he doesn't seem to be worried at all, or atleast doesn't show it. Maybe I should go back on Zoloft....

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'll tell you about the adventure when I return!


Wenderina said...

You are SO like me. I would be worrying about all the same things. Just keep saying "I can only control what I can control". Don't carry on any liquids - check everything you don't have to have on the flight - they will check the seat at the gate and will handle it gently - if A cries, the engines will drown him out...and people you will never see again can just go blow if they have an issue. (I think this note is scrapbookworthy too!)

KiKi said...

I hate flying too. When it was just me and hubby, I'd cling to him during takeoff and landing. Now that we have a very observant 4yr old, I have to pretend to be ok. She's fearless and likes to bounce around and stare out the window. It'll be okay - go with the Zoloft, lol.