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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Funny Moment of the Day

When I first started this blog, I said it was all for me. I would document little bits of our lives so I could possibly scrapbook them later for my son. Okay, after documenting this moment I've decided it's more my mom, "Gramma". This is for her because she can't be here to see all the small events of our day.

So yesterday afternoon for our snack, I decided to pull out the Sun Chips. They have a limited flavor of Cinnamon. My son and I love cinnamon, probably because all I could stomach for my first trimester was cinnamon sugar toast. I've given him these chips before and he's done really well with them in small pieces. Just as I was walking away from him to get his juice out of the frig, he starts to choke. Ok, this isn't the funny part. He's really choking and coughing to get the pieces out and I come back with the juice to try and make him take a sip. He just wants out of his chair and into my arms, so I pick him up. He slowly starts to calm down. I still have to convince him to take a sip of juice.... he keeps pushing it back to me for me to take a drink, which I do a couple times to show him it's okay.

Once he's calmed down, I see if he wants to have a piece of his graham cracker... he loves graham crackers. He's happy now in mom's arms so he opens his mouth and takes it. I promise the funny part is coming.

After a few seconds of chewing, he sneezes.... all over my shoulder.... graham crackers. Yes, this is what being a mother is all about. Never do I walk out of the house completely clean. I'm sure I have tried milk somewhere on my outfit. But just then, I see a glimmer in my son's eyes as he reaches for the pieces of graham crackers that he just sneezed onto my shoulder. Yes, he ate a piece of sneezed out graham cracker that lays on my shoulder.

I love this kid so much it's sickening.

Sorry, no photo. :)


AmyBow said...

I think everything I own looks like it has been crawled across by a snail. Snot is a fun fluid.

Shari said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and for your support.

I just love to see what extra little things I'm "wearing" at the end of my days. He's gorgeous.

Jude said...

THANK YOU....Gramma

Wenderina said...

I'll bring my rain slicker this weekend. See you soon!