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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things I've done right

1. Read to him
Since he was 1 day old, we have been reading to him. I would read him magazines while he lay on under his entertainment pad, books throughout the day, and especially at night. It seemed to help calm him. Now, that's the first thing he goes for once he's out of bed.
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2. Sing to him
I have SIRIUS satellite radio on all day long. And although the songs end up terrorizing me in my head all day long, I know he enjoys it. He even dances with the music.

3. Talk to him
I thought it was stupid to talk to your stomach while you were pregnant. I didn't want anyone while I was driving thinking I was crazy. It wasn't until the end, when I was poking at my stomach, pleading for him to come out, that I started talking to him. Now, I don't care who sees me talking to him. I tell him what color cars are driving by, that the leaves are changing colors and why. I think he likes it, and I like talking to him too - even if he does answer in baby babble.

4. Play with him
I love chasing him around the living room chanting "I'm gonna get you!" He screams and tries to take off as fast as he can. Sometimes his legs go faster than his arms and he topples over onto his face. But he's still laughing, and I love to make him laugh. It's my energy for the day.
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5. Give him a schedule
When I found out I was pregnant, I was terrified. More because I didn't know what to do with a child. Yeah, you hold them and feed them, but then what? My next door neighbor introduced me to a book, "Becoming Baby Wise". Some reviews are totally against this book because if parents follow this book to the "T' they could potentially dehydrate their child (it stresses feeding them every 2-3 hours, no snacking). But seriously, who doesn't answer to their child when they are hungry?! And besides, no child follows a book to the letter. What I did get out of this book was to put your child on a schedule. They thrive on it, they rely on it what things are chaotic. And you know, some adults do too! Now, I know when my child will be hungry, tired, and just plain cranky.

6. Teach him my love of animals
He absolutely adores our dog, Maggie. The cats are okay with him, which he adores from a distance, but they'd rather not play. Monkeys! Giraffes! Lions! He loves them all.
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7. Make him sleep
I've always wanted to have people tell me I have a happy baby and you know what - they do! And I think the number one reason is that I knew he had to sleep. I kept telling him that sleep is NOT overrated. And when he sleeps 2 hours twice a day for his naps and then 11 hours at night, I'm happy too! (A word to wise - you can't actually MAKE them sleep.)

8. Love him
This was the biggest thing I was afraid of while I was pregnant. What if I didn't love this being inside me? What if he didn't love me either? Then what would I do? And then, I held him. It was pure love (I'm sure it was also because of the excessive amount of petocin in my bloodstream from being induced). I wouldn't change a thing... in fact, maybe I'll do it again. (That's a MAYBE, Gramma!)
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Wenderina said...
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Wenderina said...

Had to remove my previous post because I revealed our real names!! Anyway - can't wait to see you this weekend. Reading these entries totally makes me think of you as a different and whole and grown up person. I think I've still been treating you like a kid. I'm hungry for more...keep posting.

AmyBow said...

Could the little guy be any cuter? I love when they pretend to read books at such a young age. My daughter did the same thing and she still loves to read. And soon you will start using the "talking to the baby" excuse to say snarky things about people you see. It is fun!

Jude said...

Just let me know when (OK...if) another one is coming...I'm moving in! Ok R, next door!

Mrs. G. said...

Oh you have such a blue eyed cutie on your hands. I love that photo of the two tushies looking out the window. Charming. Good for you for focusing on what you know you have done right. So many times I do the opposite. And, really, what's the point.