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Monday, November 19, 2007

Having a bad day?

Some people just wake up "on the wrong side of the bed". Maybe they had a bad dream, maybe there was this blinding light on your bedside table (aka my alarm clock) just staring at you as you rolled over, or maybe you woke up every other hour for some unknown reason. Whatever the reason may be, maybe, just maybe sometimes, you just wake up in a bad mood.

This was the case of Little Man A on Friday. First he woke up at 5:30am screaming to be let out of his cage (as AmyBow would say). When I went in to give him his pacifier to try and get him to go back to sleep, I found that his diaper had leaked (damn diapers!) and he was completely soaked around the mid-section. I changed his diaper and his clothes, then of course he wanted to play. Oh no, you don't. Put him back to bed with his pacifier hoping he would go back to sleep. It took him a few minutes, with a little whining of course, but he did.

At 6:45am, he decided I'm up for the day. Fine! I usually try to start my day around 7am, but A doesn't know how to read the clock just yet. I get dressed, take him into the kitchen and place him on the floor while I get his bottle ready. As soon as his bottom hits the floor, he starts wailing and tries climbing back up my leg. I try to walk across the floor from one side of the kitchen to the other, but he has a death grip on my pants. I finally pick him back up, but then he lunges forward because he sees something on the counter that he wants. A 23 pound child should not lunge forward like that, but apparently he has super powers or either that he knows that Mommy will catch him, so no need to worry, right.

I finally give him his bottle but of course, he's hungry for more. I try to get breakfast ready while he's following my every footstep in the kitchen. Needless to say, I'm ready to go back to bed myself after breakfast is finally over, but instead we go downstairs in our living room to play a little before our first nap. He barely makes it to 8:30am before he's just miserable all over again.

We go upstairs, barely able to read one book before he lays down for his nap. He goes right to sleep, right? Oh no, he decides to throw over his pacifier and his lovey and stand in his crib crying and screaming for mommy to come save them! I finally come in, recover his precious items and lay him back down, but by this point he doesn't even want to take a nap anymore. He cries for another couple minutes, then finally gets to sleep. Unfortunately, he only sleeps for another 30 minutes and starts the crying all over again.

For the rest of the day, it seems no matter what I do he just won't stay in a good mood. Some people would say, "Oh, maybe he's teething." Granted, yes, he has gotten in his first teeth, but seriously, maybe he's just in a bad mood. I know they say it takes more energy to be in a bad mood rather than a good one. Well, it definitely takes the energy out of me as well.

Thankfully, we had some wonderful company over the weekend, my aunt and uncle, and A was a dream all weekend long. Of course when that happens people wonder what magic drug I give my child to make him so happy all the time. Or they simply ask, "Does he ever stop smiling?" Just stay with me for a week and you'll see. This child isn't all a dream, but then what fun would that be? What would I really have to laugh at in a few years?

So, let's hope that when we visit my hubby's family in Houston for Thanksgiving this week that he's a smily little guy like always. As long as he gets his naps, I'm sure he'll be fine. I hope.


Jude said...

what are you talking about, my grandson is perfect! and I know the Houston family think the same..

AmyBow said...

I feel your pain. They are so darn cute, but life would be much simpler if either a) I could read minds or b) my baby could talk to me. It is very frustrating when something is wrong and no matter how hard you try you can't do anything about it.

In terms of diapers, maybe it is different with boys, but we have always used Pampers (we are in Cruisers, size 4 now) and have never had a problem. I am amazed that he still pees out so often.

Wenderina said...

Hey J - He was adorable all weekend. But I promise you, we would have loved him on Friday too ... and maybe we could have helped entertain him to give you a break!