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Friday, January 23, 2009

We what we do without it??

Today, I had to drive 40 minutes to take our beloved iMac to the Apple Store to be examined. Seems something has gone awry with the display... leaving a lovely vertical yellow strip directly down the center of the screen. At first it blinked at you, then occasionally go away for a few minutes, but now it is here to stay.

At least until we can fix it.

Thankfully, we were smart enough in 2006 to purchase Apple Care Protection Plan. Best thing we've done so far. When this one expires in May, we may purchase another one. Hopefully, they will receive the part, at the latest, by Monday and then it would take an additional 24-48 hours until we would get it back. Since the computer is still functional and the little yellow line really isn't that bad, we decided to take the computer home until the part arrived.

Because what would we do for almost 4 days without a computer???

I started thinking about all the things that we do online or even just playing around with a new design for my business card, brochures, and flyers. Hubby has been using it to get online and figure out how to solve his newest killing spree game for PS3. And of course, LMA loves to watch You Tube and all the wonders of trucks, tractors, and trains. Don't forget about finding coloring pages online for LMA to paint or color.

So, really. Could you last 4 days without your computer?

1 comment:

Wenderina said...

Seems you are back in the blogging groove - so glad the yellow line hasn't stopped you. I've gone days without the computer and after the initial shock, it's lovely.