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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So, did you go?

So many people who I know outside of the state of Virginia have been asking me since yesterday, "So, did you go see Obama?"

My answer?

Uh, NO.

Why not?

Number 1. D.C. was so tighten down with security, road blockages, needing special passes just to be able to ride the Metro and VRE (Virginia Railway Express), and bridge closings that there was no way we would have been able to go.

Number 2. 27 degrees. No more need be said.

Besides, it was nice to be able to watch history in the making from the comfort of our home (while Little Man was watching "Cars" downstairs) and a nice cup of hot tea.

Oh, and hubby could have gotten FREE tickets to the Inaugural Ball. The only problem with that? What to do with LMA.

My dad... he's still wanting an Obama mug. Guess I'll have to get one for him before they come to visit again.

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