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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tunnel of fun! ... or fear?

I know. It's been a long time since I posted. Happy Belated New Years to everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season as well.

I'm not prepared to put together a month in review for December (not to mention the 300+ photos that I have to go through just for Christmas alone), but rest assured it will be coming. Maybe tomorrow if you're lucky. Nor am I prepared to really put in writing any new years resolutions. I read an article yesterday about how we always pick goals/resolutions that are never within reach. Like lose 40 pounds, not to swear in front of my child (although I'm actually good, er, semi-good about that), or take my dog for a walk everyday. The only goal that I would really like to accomplish and I know IS within reach is to finish LMA first year album. I only have 3 more layouts for the book. So, I'll have to think about it a little more.

Anyways, I really wanted to share a story from today. We were on our way home, or at least attempting to go home, after picking Daddy up from the train station. Apparently, a horrible accident backed up traffic the entire length of the only road that could take us home. 35 minutes later, only 5 miles down the road, and a very angry/hungry child in the back seat, we decided to stop at McDonald's for dinner. I really didn't feel like getting LMA another toy, since he's not really playing with the ones Santa brought him, so we opted for a dollar menu McChicken grilled sandwich for him instead of a happy meal (even though now you can order apple slices instead of fries and milk).

Before we left, we decided to head down to the child's play area with the tunnels and slides. LMA had never been in one of these, and with screaming children added to the situation, he was curious but not overzealous about it. It took him a good 15 minutes to even climb into the first square past the steps. All the while other children are passing him up the stairs, which of course would set him back even more each time.

The one thing that really enticed him to go further was an "airplane" set up that he could see from the outside right by the steps. The kicker of it was that he needed to climb through a tunnel to the right about 5 feet long and then through another one about 2 feet long before entering the "pilot's seat". These measurements don't sound like much to an adult, but to a 36 inch child, it's like climbing Mount Everest.

The entire time I'm watching him and encouraging him to go just a bit further, I had flashbacks of Catwoman's Little Man in McDonald's play room with two African American children. Although my child doesn't have the vocabulary to ask, "Is that black?" yet, I still couldn't help but laugh to myself while reminiscing.

Anyways, my other thought while he was climbing around was what would happen if he started crying and needed me? Or if he seriously injured himself? Am I allowed to climb in to retrieve my son? Will the tunnels hold my fat ars? Would he really remember how to get out? Would I stay calm and collected or would I freak out because I can't reach my child?? Part of me started to panic while watching him have fun.

I love watching my son discover new adventures, but I hate the mommy paranoia that always follows it.

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Wenderina said...

Too cute. Maybe you should be "Anxious Moments Jr."?