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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Changing gears

I'm a planner. I like to make sure everything is planned to the "T" so nothing goes wrong. Sometimes, hubby will get in the same groove. Sometimes, he'll plan WAY too much, much more than I would plan (which is a lot if you know me).

However, I married a military man. That doesn't leave much room in the way for planning. Especially when the military has a "wait and see" or a "hurry up and wait" program that they like to follow. So, I've learned to relax a little and try to go with the flow. "Try" being the key word, but I have to admit I've been really good at times about letting things just happen (at least I hope those closest to me would agree).

I'm still determined to plan at least something every once in awhile. So I decided to tackle the finances since the holiday season is officially over now. Dear Lord, help us.

Apparently, now that hubby has his direct commission packet in, he's changed over to the "wait and see" mentality as well. When I asked him where he thinks the "extra" money should go in March, his reply, "Let's just wait and see what's going on that month." Well, according to him, as of this morning anyway, he won't find out until April if his packet has been accepted. From there, it's definitely a "wait and see" scenario.

Ah, roller coaster ride called "My life".

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