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Friday, September 12, 2008

Had to share

I just got our pictures back from when we went to B&O Railroad. One thing I definitely appreciate about digital is that you can review them right away. No waiting for a week to see if your picture subject is blurry, if everyone is smiling, or that you captured the perfect moment. Although now with all the digital photo enhancing programs out there you can do anything with your pics including blending 3 different photos together just so you can "capture" everyone smiling.

Well, I got lucky with these shots. And even if they weren't any good, we'll be going back this weekend for Kids Fest. So if you live in the Baltimore/ D.C. area, check out B&O Railroad. You won't be disappointed.

How cute is this kid?? I told him to "go stand over there and look at Mommy" and he did!

I bet he's thinking he wants one of these in his house!

All Aboard!

1 comment:

Isdihara said...

Hey! I resemble that comment about blending three photos together to get the perfect shot.
(See my blog for the photo: She's a Centenarian)

Glad Little Man had such a good time at the B&O Railroad!