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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August Recap

So since last month's recap was a hit, I decided to do it again. Although I didn't take as many photos, it feels like we did a lot during the month of August.

Little Man noticed a few "new" things in his closet this month. One in particular was his backpack Gramma had given him last year with a bushel of books. He decided it was pretty cool to walk around the house with it on. Little did he know that I was starting to cry just thinking about the first day of school for him.

We introduced a box of chalk for Little Man to scribble his masterpieces on the driveway. He actually liked it so much he decided to share his masterpieces with the truck and the truck tires. Daddy thought it was funny at first until he came home to blue and purple chalk lines on his tires. Little Man even carries the little box around by the handle.

He continues to love playing with his lawnmower (although we don't put the bubble juice in it and I'm not even sure Little Man cares either). Oh, and don't forget about sunglasses. These are his toddler glasses that we bought him shortly after he was born. I remember walking around Kennedy Space Center with him wearing these things. They've been hidden for awhile since they started to bother him over the nose, but now he thinks they are really cool!

And he continues to be totally infatuated with the real lawnmower. Maybe he'll be a landscaper one day. In that job alone he'll be able to use a lawnmower, a tractor, and truck, and maybe even a train... if he's lucky.

August was his third month at Gymboree. He has continued to excel in his overall agility and his ability to climb. We continue to visit our local park which features a huge wooden playground that he loves to climb in a out of. It's especially fun to watch him observe stare at all the older kids and see what moves he can look forward to doing in the future.

August was the big fair in the area and we couldn't wait to show Little Man all the tractors, animals, and fun things to do at a local fair. Although he was still too young to get on any of the rides, besides the ferris wheel, he undoubtedly had a great time just watching EVERYTHING. He is such a people watcher, but I think that is true for any toddler really. The funniest part was when he was walking by a rooster as it decided to voice his opinion to Little Man.

Little Man has always had an ... unusual way of sleeping at night. We have constantly found him with his feet dangling between the bars of his crib, curled into a ball with his butt up in the air with his beloved "Jeffrey" tucked under his chin, and this position. Seems a little uncomfortable to me, but he doesn't complain in the morning.

The other thing I started to notice Little Man attempting to do was putting on his own shoes or shirt or socks by himself. I already showed what it was like for him to be in Daddy's shoes.

There were more little moments in the month of August that weren't recorded. They just all went by too fast. Until next month!


Wenderina said...

It's like we were there with you...nice work scrapbook queen!

Mama Lou said...

I am so glad you are conitnuing to do this. It means so much to be able to track Little Man`s development. You will treasure these in the years ahead as well.

Jude said...

I miss so much! he needs to stop growing and developing - I wish we could do that! but these are really great to read about.
We'll be there in a few weeks to share a little time in his month - I can't wait!!