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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A dream day for Little Man A

On the first Tuesday of every month, B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore offers 1/2 price admission. So when hubby had the day off, it was the perfect day to take Little Man. Unfortunately, I had a doctor's appt in the morning which left the afternoon to drive up there and spend the rest of the day. The bad news: they close at 4pm ... on the dot. The good news: Little Man could have cared less because he was in heaven.

We decided to leave right after lunch and let Little Man sleep in the truck on the way there. This was delayed by all the big rigs on the road and of course, construction trucks (he's taken to watching construction trucks on YouTube lately). Once we were into Maryland on I-295 where there was nothing but trees to look at, he fell right to sleep.

Once we were off the highway and making our way toward downtown Baltimore, I was reading the directions for hubby. When I got to the last line that stated, "You have arrived to the center on Baltimore" I gave hubby the evil eye. For some reason the B&O Railroad website didn't copy their address and therefore had given us directions to "Baltimore". Thankfully, I had written down their phone number and we were able to find our way. It also helped that there was a police station right where hubby had stopped.

About that time, Little Man awoke from his nap, probably because we had to stop for directions. I assured him that we were going someplace really cool! His eyes widened as we rounded the corner of the parking lot and pulled in front of a huge black steam engine. I'll never forget that look.

Once inside, it was like a kid in a candy store, except better. He couldn't figure out where to look first. All the model trains, the real, big engines, and of course the people smiling at him because well let's face it, he's too cute for his own good.

When we found the box car with the model train that was moving and with lights blinking and sounds as the train moved by, I think he told himself that we was in heaven. By the time we made it to the "Theatre Car" that was playing a short video, he was dancing with joy. Literally.

On our way out of the museum (I think they were following us to make sure we left because we were the last ones to leave), we talked to an employee who convinced us that it would be a great idea to become a member. We already knew that we would be back at least 3 more times (once with Gramma and Pop-pop at the end of the month, in December for Breakfast with Santa which happens to be on his birthday, and in April and/or May for the Day Out with Thomas). This weekend, 13th and 14th, is Kids Fest at B&O Railroad and we plan on going. This time around we plan on getting there as soon as they open at 10am and letting Little Man go wild until he falls over. That way he can sleep on the way home after lunch.

And if you live in the area, there is also Ellicott City Railroad Museum. Not quite as big as B&O in Baltimore, but apparently a very quaint little town with a fantastic display of lights for the holiday season. With a membership to one railroad museum, you get into both. We'll be checking out Ellicott City this Christmas season as well.

P.S. I would have had photos to upload for this post except our digital camera decided to call it quits, so I was forced to use 35mm film. I should have those photos this week.

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Mama Lou said...

What a great day and treat for Little man. You certainly are letting him experience all sorts of fascinating places. Loved the dancing!!