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Friday, September 5, 2008

Going with the flow

For the past few days, hubby has taken the truck to get to the train for work, leaving me and Little Man to fend for ourselves. Wednesday wasn't too bad since we had just experienced 4 fun-filled days with Daddy (more on our adventures later). We took our time walking to the park, walked to the grocery store, and the infamous Dollar Store. I'm always a sucker when it comes to taking Little Man to that store. Although I know if he were to find something that seemed really cool at the time, five minutes later he'll have forgotten about it. But that bright, shiny blue balloon just had to come home with us. And it has been well worth it since. He runs wild around the house with it, just giggling in delight that it's following him around.

Thursday was another hot day, so I made sure to be out the door by 9:30am. We made it to the park and only 35 minutes later he was either bored or just plain done with the park. It didn't help that the temperature had started to rise. So we headed home and tried to hang outside playing with chalk or blowing bubbles as long as I could handle getting bitten by those pesky mosquitos. All in all it wasn't too bad of a day. It definitely made me realize it is time to re-evaluate our leisure activities with Little Man because some of them he's starting to outgrow.

So on our third day at home, I'm just going with the flow. Taking my time walking to the park. Making sure to walk by the "spiny trees" so he can reach out and touch the pine needles. Walking up to the grocery store just to walk around and look at the fruit (especially since I didn't bring any money). Seems like Little Man is just going with the flow also. He found an old toy, Leap Frog Spin A Letter. Today he actually waits until it stops, listens to the letter or sound of the animal that starts with that letter, and repeats it! Then he decided it would be fun to sit on it and roll off of it!

Of course this is when our digital camera starts to act up, hence the lovely purple striations across the screen. But at least it captured the moment.

Thankfully, it's the weekend and hubby will be home to help entertain this weekend. Which, since we have a weather advisory starting tonight for this weekend due to Hanna possibly heading our way, we may be in for a long weekend. Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

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