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Thursday, January 10, 2008


I wasn't quite sure how to title this one, so I went with that. No it's nothing too exciting. Just the normal, "You've got to be kidding stuff" that happens with us mothers on a daily basis.

I made an appointment last week for Little Man A's flu shot booster. I was not looking forward to it today. Apparently, he sensed it and woke up at 5:45am. And to top if off, I went in there to hear him sniffing a nose full of snot. He and I have been dealing with a cold. I've been leaving the humidifier on for him during the night. The last two days I haven't seen any runny nose, so I thought it was gone. Not.

So I give him the pacifier and tell him to go back to sleep. Apparently, I've - actually we have - created a monster with this little routine. But anything to get him to sleep until atleast 7am or somewhere in that vicinity is our goal. Ok, more my goal. I can't function previous to 7am. But regardless of what time we put him to bed, he's been waking up lately between 5:45 Am and 6:30 AM. So I may have to deal with an earlier start to the day.

He goes back to sleep for 15 minutes (or maybe he just lays there) and wakes up crying again. I go back in again, lay him down, shove the pacifier back in his mouth and jump in the shower. By the time I'm out of the shower and dressed he's already crying again. So we go and start the day. I give him Tylenol with his morning milk and atleast feed him his oatmeal before we head out the door.

We get to the doctor's office, check in, let him nibble on some Cheerios and wait. And wait. And wait. Hello?? This is just suppose to be a shot. A quick hello - good-bye appointment. 25 minutes later, I walk up to the counter and ask if there is a problem since we have been waiting for 25 minutes. She checks and says I'll make sure they get on it. The nurse comes out, call's A's name, and she says "You're early."

Me: What? My appointment was for 7:30 AM.

Nurse: No, you're suppose to wait alteast one month before his booster.

Me: What? The nurse and the doctor last time we were here said 3 weeks. Why didn't the person when I made the appointment say anything? Why have we waited 25 minutes for someone to tell us we don't need to be here?

Nurse: I'm sorry.

So now we head back home with a sleepy child who isn't feeling well with a runny nose and a full dose of Tylenol in his system for no reason. Great! And to top it off, I get to deal with my child alone ALL DAY LONG since hubby has to go to his cult meeting tonight. Guh!

On a lighter note, I have toothy pictures! I have been dying not being able to get a picture of A's mouth since his first tooth popped through. I just wanted to open his mouth and snap a picture, but obviously he wouldn't think that it was fun.
So, here it is... a nice close up of his bottom front teeth. When he really smiles, you can see all four teeth.

I was really hoping it wasn't going to rain today so we could go for a walk, but I guess I'll be breaking out some of the new Busy Toddler books I got for Christmas. Maybe we'll color. Maybe not. He'll just want to chew on the crayons and then get upset when I say no. Oh well. Wish me luck.



Wenderina said...

My dearest darling niece. I feel your pain. I feel A's pain. I wish I was there to take him out for a walk and you out for a drink. Hang in there.

KiKi said...

AAAAAAAAAARGH. That would piss me off. But hey the teethies are so cute ;)