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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost in the world

I have to admit, I'm not up to current events. Ever since I've had Little Man A, I've been lost in the world. Not up to date on current events, don't even know what weather pattern is heading our way (not that it's really that reliable lately). I used to watch Headline News on CNN throughout the day. Now that Little Man A is fascinated with the television, I'll only DVR some shows for him to watch later and we'll have SIRIUS satellite radio Kids Stuff on in the background. We get the paper every Sunday, but rarely do I sit and read every section... besides the comics (actually we get the ads and the comics on Saturday which we make reading them a family event). I try to be up to date, but the only thing I'm current on is children's fashion... and let's be honest that follows the lines of the adult world.

So, when this Sunday's paper came and on the front page was, of course, about the primaries and how Obama is leading Clinton, I decided I needed to read up on what was going on. If not the world, then atleast for the upcoming elections. I mean, I should be able to decide for myself who the "best" candidate may be for the next president.

But when you're skimming through the other sections, searching for other articles that seem interesting to read, and you come across this:

You kind of wonder.....

So, I peaked.....

Now, obviously some of you may know, I'm an animal lover, but these comparisons are hilarious! Take a look at this one:

Gwen Stefani

Simon Cowell

and my favorite...

a crying child.

Turns out these are from the infamous photographer, Jill Greenberg. Her signature is making her portraits seem as though they've been splashed with glitter and are posing for Victoria Secrets body shimmer line. She uses highlights, whitens the whites, and enhances the basic color of the photographed subject. Her current clients include Phillip Morris, Procter and Gamble, Target, and Paramount Pictures to name a few. In this case, monkeys.

The article goes on the tell that most of these primates that were used have their own portfolios including greeting cards, commercials, and even movies. Apparently, even renowned scientist Jane Goodall doesn't mind the portraits and commented in the London's Daily Mail about these "remarkable" monkey portraits.

"Study the faces of the great apes in these portraits and you will see just how closely related we are," Goodall wrote. "Look into the eyes of these glorious beings, read their wrinkles, examine their expressions. You will find wisdom, innocence, humour, even moodiness. They are more human than you ever thought."

Are you sure we're talking about the same portraits?? Maybe she didn't see Simon's portrait next to it. Oh well, I'll try again this Sunday. Wish me luck.


KiKi said...

You and me both. Occasionally some news event will penetrate and when I mention it to someone, they'll stare blankly at me and say, "um, that happened about a month ago."

Wenderina said...

Interesting post. And a nice way to push the balance you are searching for. Outside world stuff is always good to think about.

IsDihara said...

A very engaging and entertaining post! Keep 'em comin'.

Current events are something I also miss since giving birth and staying home to raise my son. So I totally synpathize with your situation.