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Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy 50th!

Yeah, I've reached 50 posts! Can you believe it? I sure can't. Actually I thought for sure I would have reached the 50 mark long ago, but I'm happy to make it this far regardless. So in honor of my 50 posts, here are 50 things that you don't know about me:

1. I love my husband
2. but I probably don't show it enough.
3. I own a horse
4. or atleast I used to.
5. I bought her from my college.
6. I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology
7. although sometimes I feel like I don't/didn't use it enough.
8. But I'm still paying for it.
9. My husband thinks I should return my diploma
10. because they screwed me on some of my Perkins loans.
11. We recently bought our first house
12. although it is not even close to being our dream house.
13. We're hoping to make some money off from it but I don't know with the way the market is right now.
14. When I was in middle school, I fainted while watching a tourniquet movie....
15. twice.
16. The second time the teacher tried to drag me down two flights of stairs while I was blacking out!
17. I've also passed out while trying to remove a piece of grass from a baby rabbit's gaping wound that my Dad hit was a roto-tiller in our garden - he didn't live (the rabbit, not my Dad).
18. Then, again in college when I slammed my finger shut in a stall door.
19. And then again in Pittsburgh when I was bitten on the thumb by a cat I was trying to restrain.
20. It's called syncope or fainting spells usually accompanied with pain.
21. I've been attacked by cats, one I was working with and one of my own.
22. I've also been pooped on by baby Sumatran tigers while working at the San Antonio Zoo.
23. I was a secondary trainer to the Black Rhinoceros at the San Antonio Zoo.
24. I thought scrapbooking was a lame, expensive hobby....
25. Now I just think that it's expensive.
26. I never wanted children.
27. I was planning on just having cats, dogs, gerbils, horses, and birds for "children".
28. Then, my husband went to Iraq.
29. Now, I'm actually considering having a second one.... MAYBE.
30. While in college, I raised mice to feed to my friends snakes.
31. And to do my college science project... "The effects of cedar on the respiratory system of mice"
32. I also had gerbils for a very long time...
33. but I didn't mean to breed them.
34. I used to own a Gouldian Finch,
35. but one of our cats knocked over the cage the day we moved to Virginia.
36. I'd still like to own another bird,
37. probably a cocketiel, but not right now.
38. I have my ears pierced twice,
39. but I always leave the same small pair in the second holes.
40. I have an angelfish tattooed on my left shoulder.
41. I also blacked out while getting that!
42. Thankfully, I knew the artist and told her to keep going...
43. or else I wouldn't get it finished.
44. I was 21 when I got it
45. and don't plan to let my son get one until that time as well.
46. I would love to be stationed in Germany next,
47. but I'm worried about the cold winters,
48. and being too far away from my parents.
49. Whom I love dearly and thank God everyday for them
50. and hope that my husband and I can celebrate 32 years together just them.

Well, I know that was a long list and that some of that, some of you out there may actually know. I tried. It's really hard to come up with 50 things, so I hope when 100 comes around I can think of facts a little more interesting. Here's to another 50 posts!

And if you love the new look, please stop by Wenderina's Anxious Moments to thank her for purchasing the gift. But the real thanks goes out to Jessica at Cuppycake Designs. The design is fabulous and it was a pleasure to work with her!


Jude said...

Looks Great!!! to 50 more!

Wenderina said...

I love the new look. I'm a little surpised at the "girliness" but I think it is way cute.

AmyBow said...

It looks fabulous! Congrats. And good luck with Little Man A. I have no idea when discipline starts working. Maybe it has to involve taking away the car...at 16...

IsDihara said...

Love the make-over! The blog design focuses in on you, and looks SO much better than a cookie-cutter template. Whee! The next 50 posts are going to be so glam.

KiKi said...

Happy 50th!!! And I love the new look.