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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another layout completed!

Hubby has had a long weekend - four whole days off! Not that this means I've gotten allot or that we have gotten allot done this weekend. But I have had two full days of being able to sleep in! Now if I actually slept in is another question.

Anyways, here is the next layout in Little Man A's first year scrapbook. I know so far I haven't included any journaling which I'm kind of disappointed in myself for doing. I mean what's the point of making a scrapbook if you don't include some journaling to tell a story. Especially the story of the first year of your first son, right? Well thank goodness I'm good at scrapbooking (or atleast I like to think so). I've decided to actually hide my journaling so that it doesn't take away from the layout design as well as the pictures. Because let's face, we mothers could go on and on about our children, and I am definitely not an exception. The other thing I did during the first year's events was to record daily events on a calendar. This will make it really easy for me to be able to journal which will be behind his month anniversary picture in each layout.

So, hope you enjoy "3 months" layout. Hopefully, I will have this done by this summer (got to have some time frame in mind!)


AmyBow said...

I think he gets cuter by the minute. By the time you have a full year done he will be too cute for the scrapbook.

Wenderina said...

This is great to see as it grows. (I mean the scrapbook, not Little Man A!) I agree that my favorite part of your scrapbooking is reading the little excerpts/ journaling you do about your feelings and what you saw, etc. It brings all the photos to life.

I'm always proud to see one of my emails turn up in there too! It's really a special thing to see that something I've said has touched you.

Laura said...

You are so creative! I could never pull it all together without going to the ER for an anxiety attack. It looks great, you're doing a wonderful job. I do photo albums, baby books, (the scrap book you made for me, which I completed awhile ago and I LOVE), and I have a seperate journal to write down all the cute stuff and milestones.

Your little man has such an adorable smile. He will make hearts flutter one day.

KiKi said...

I LOVE IT. He is too cute and the book is too adorable!!!!!

Shar said...

He is so cute... His little nose and blue eyes make me think of Crazy Man and you know I think that is CUTE!!! :)