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Friday, January 25, 2008

An evening at Olive Garden

Yes, we decided to venture out to dinner with Little Man A. Since going to Houston for Thanksgiving, he hasn't been out to dinner at a restaurant and I want that to be something that he is used to.... every once in awhile anyways. We can't stay home forever.

So we decided to go to Toys'R Us to, of course, go look at the toys (something to do to get out of the house). And then afterwards have dinner at Olive Garden. I know other people out there have wonderful children (ie, AmyBow has lovey little LP) but I think I have a pretty great child too! He even ate some broccoli and mushrooms. How many 13 month old children do you know eat their vegetables?? Not many.

We made sure to check the menu online to decide what we wanted before we got there. And of course, Olive Garden serves their wonderful breadsticks and salad before your dinner arrives (Yummo!) He was even entertained with crayons! And not by eating them either. Every time he put one in his mouth (which was every other minute since he is teething again), I would tell him "Not in your mouth, on the paper." and he would start scribbling (I mean drawing a masterpiece) again.

We were sat at the back of the restaurant (do you think they did that on purpose??) and near the entrance to the kitchen. I think he was more entertained by everyone walking in and out of there. And of course all the women flirty with him. Yeah, he's going to get into trouble when he gets older.

Here are a few shots.

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