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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You're jealous, I know.

Last week, I talked about how I was dreaming of sand... as was Little Man A. Well, the countdown has continued and we only have 3 more days and a wake up until hubby and I are in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Then we'll be sailing to the southernmost part of the Caribbean with Celebrity cruises for 7 whole days!

Yes, I know. You're jealous. I can tell because NO ONE made a single comment from the post.

Just to clarify some things:

1. It is only going to be hubby and I.
2. My mom and dad are staying here with Little Man A.
3. He is going to have a ton of fun with them.
4. Hubby and I are going to rekindle our marriage.
5. And we will NOT be bringing back another "little souvenir" (last time we went on a cruise in March, Little Man was conceived).

So, "bask in the glow that is my glory" and be jealous. It's okay, really. I know you are. I totally would be.


AmyBow said...

no comment because, well, you stink. the closest the Hoos and I will get to a vacation is having our little one stay with her grandparents over a weekend night in the near future. And the Hoos is worried that even being an hour away from her is too far...

Isdihara said...

While I don't necessarily think you stink, I AM green with envy! Just make darned sure you don't commit any NEW sins while you're having so much fun! That twisted Pope Benedict XVI might just rekindle the Fires of Inquisition and chase you down.

Have a great time!

[...type in your subliminal message here...]
cruises are so relaxing..."little souvenir"...blue-gren Carribean water, soft, warm sand...

Jude said...

I am not jealous because I get Little Man A!! and away from...well let's say, I too will be rekindling my marriage (ooppps! we're your parents. Little Man sleeps well at night!

KiKi said...

If you have any second thoughts, let me know - I'll go in your place. Yup, I'm willing to make that sacrifice. It'll be painful, but I won't let you down. Promise.