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Monday, March 10, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Saturdays are fun-filled days here. Just what do we do on Saturdays? Well, for starters hubby is obviously home so it's easier to entertain Little Man. One main event that occurs on Saturdays is reading through the Sunday ads. We get them on Saturday and the paper on Sunday morning. Here are some great pics that I captured:

Aren't these priceless?? Little Man usually gets bored after 5 minutes of shifting through the papers. So after 15 minutes of him flipping through each of the ads, probably peering for trucks or cars of any shape or form, I was amazed he was still in the game. Looks like he'll be a reader after all!


Isdihara said...

Ohmigosh, that's ADORABLE! Thanks so much for sharing these priceless snapshots.

Wenderina said...

I particularly love that while Dad is reading the COMICS, Little Man A is reading the ads. Too funny.

KiKi said...

THAT IS TOO CUTE. I feel like every single photo makes me say this but HE IS JUST TOO CUTE.

He is soooo cute.

Jude said...

I can't wait to do this with him!! these pics are beautiful!!!