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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So much for my goal

I was really hoping before I went on our cruise that I would have completed Little Man A's First Year Scrapbook. However, there were a few glitches in the plan. The main one involves Sam's Club where I have my prints developed.

I went through his eight month and 9 month pics... there were quite a few. Since there were close to 25 photos I wanted to include in each layout, I looked at smaller size options for the layout. I didn't want to use a small square punch because most of the photos really couldn't be cropped. I found out that Sam's Club could do mini-wallets, which were 4 photos on one 4x6 sheet. The only problem was that I had to bring either the film or digital copies into the club rather than just upload them from the comforts on my home.

I went there with 2 separate disks just after dinner last Wednesday so I could get them developed in 1 hour while I was shopping in the area. The machines were down. Okay, since it was only 7pm and the club closed at 8pm, maybe the technician will call back tonight. Worse case scenario, I get them back tomorrow. Of course, traveling back and forth to Sam's Club every single night was not on my list of things to do last week. But, hey, I wanted to get Little Man A's scrapbook done.

Pictures weren't ready that night, so when hubby had off on Thursday to have our taxes done on-post, I had him stop by on the way home to pick up the pics. They weren't done. And the machine still wasn't working. And they would call when they were done. Argh!

So it wasn't until Saturday on our way to a birthday party that I get the call that the pics are ready for pick-up. Yeah! Sunday I make some errands in the area and stop by to pick them up and of course bananas for Little Man A. They? did wallets. Not mini-wallets. Double Argh!

I finally picked them up last night and let me tell you, the technician who practically knows my face as soon as I walk into the club redeemed Sam's Club for me. At first having these mini-wallets developed involved (46) 4x6 sheets with 4 prints on each. What was I going to do with the remaining 3 prints?? I know Gramma would love a hard copy of the scrapbook, but that really takes time. Not to mention it would cost close to $8 for prints I'm really not going to use. Jose, the technician, put the 46 prints on (3) 8x10 sheets. No waste. And cheaper. Only $4 for (3) 8x10 sheets! Wahoo!

And not to mention, if they were all portrait or landscape prints, it would make for a kick ass layout idea! I'll have to keep this one in mind for the future. I had tried playing around with the mac version of powerpoint to make my own collage, but it loses it's clarity and looks pixelated (?) when it's uploaded.

Well, don't worry. I'll be back on the scrapbooking wagon after we return from our luxurious cruise. I'll also start promoting my business as well. So, Kiki and Wenderina... if you're serious about me getting a scrapbook started for you, get in touch!


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KiKi said...

I most certainly am... I even have a stack of photos (FINALLY). Remind me - what do I need to do to get started?