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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I've learned ... in the past week

1. 95% of how a situation unfolds is determined by how I react to it.

2. Organization and schedules are the key. Oh wait. I already knew that one. It's just been verified even more so.

3. The more I try to keep myself busy to stop from "thinking" too much, the more tired I become. That one should have been obvious with two children in tow.

4. Trying to take care of yourself and two children first thing in the morning goes smoother with tv.

5. This is a little bit harder than we thought... and not for the reasons we thought. Seems as though LMA has thrown a little more into the mix of how difficult this deployment will be for both hubby and I. He is asking at least 3 times per day, "Is Daddy home yet?"

6. When you are trying to convince your 3-1/2 year old to go #2 on a normal potty in a store, 5 minutes of your 11 month old crawling around on the disgusting bathroom floor and eating toilet paper can seem like an eternity! Needless to say, bribing him with a Lego set did not convince him to just go (for the love of God!).

Don't worry. I'm pretty sure I'll learn more about myself and my children over the next year.

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