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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Attention: Vacation mode

Tomorrow, the two boys and I are traveling across country on an 8-hour plane ride to visit Gramma and Pop-pop in California.

I'm insane, right? Two kids by myself on a plane for 8 hours straight?

But the positive side is that when we get off the plane, we are going to have a wonderful time! Or at least I better.

No set schedule, just a couple places that we are looking forward to visiting, and lots of fun things to do at the resort. Like a water park with a 140 foot slide that goes down the side of the mountain! Is that not cool? Also while we are there, we will be celebrating BBZ's first birthday! Already??

So, I'll elaborate on the good and not-so-good times when we return in 2 weeks.


Jude said...

4 1/2 hrs on a plane...sounds better! I hope we have a blast! Lots of surprises!!

Lori said...

I'll be thinking about you! You are one very brave woman. 2 hours on a plane with one kid was terrible enough for me!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday BBZ!!!