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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So I thought...

Happy belated New Year!

So I thought having to juggle two kids, household chores, a dog, and two cats was enough reason to not have time to blog. Apparently not.

Uh. I think so.

Not to mention when your 12 week old is not really giving me very much sleep, I'm practically running on fumes throughout the day. Of course I bragged about getting 5 hours stretches when he was only 5 weeks old, but not anymore. He likes to wake up and eat every 3 hours even through the night hours. Thankfully, he's not awake for very long. Unfortunately, he falls asleep before he can get a full feeding hence why he's awake 2 hours later. So we're still working on that.

Little Man A is doing good also. Last month I took him to get his flu shot vaccinations... and I did pluralize that. Both his H1N1 and his seasonal flu vaccines. The nurse told me he would be fine, but the next day he was showing flu-like symptoms. Of course the following day was his 3rd birthday, so the poor kid was sick on his birthday. By the end of the week, both myself and Pop-pop are sick as well. I finally took LMA to the urgent care because we have minimal insurance (that's a whole other problem in itself because Daddy is in the Army Reserves now) and turns out the poor kid had a sinus infection (apparently the red circles under his eyes was not clue enough for Mommy to notice) and .... pink eye! F#$@ing great!

So now we are just recovering from our illnesses, the holiday season, and Daddy's absence again. He's in Missouri until March when his school is over. Hopefully, when all is said and done, the new year will be good to us.

Oh, and just to make up for lost time, he's a goodie. A pic of my boys watching tv together. Enjoy!


Lori said...

I'd say those are pretty good reasons not to blog! I've only got one kid and I hardly find the time.

I call for a New Year redo. You get another start. Crack open some sparkling cider and do a quick countdown. Ta-da! It's a redo. Seriously though, I hope everyone starts feeling better and stays healthy.

The boys are too cute! Stowa was flashing smiles at the picture!!

AmyBow said...

Umm...when did LMA get so BIG?! Forget 3 - he looks 5! And BBZ - you can tell he eats. Poor mama.

I am glad to hear you are still holding up. And don't worry, I gave your Aunt an earful about blogging. You can go back to bed now.

Wenderina said...

ok, ok, Amybow tore me a new one about bugging you to blog again...but I love that you are and I love all the pictures, so I say, SUCK IT UP, and KEEP IT UP!