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Thursday, January 28, 2010

He loves his books

Last week, for whatever reason, I decided to give LMA a book to read while in bed winding down for "quiet time". We started calling it "quiet time" several months ago when he started stating he wasn't tired for "nap time". I knew he still needed a nap because when he would eventually fall asleep I still have to wake him up at 4:30pm. There have been times when I fell asleep myself and he was still sleeping at 5pm.

Unfortunately, this plan has snowballed on me. Not only did he read the book that I gave him, but he also proceeded to get out of bed and retrieve more books to read. At some point he even turned on the light to read since his curtains were semi-closed.

When I went up to wake him up, this is what I found:

Notice the books stacked around his bed? At least he was quiet right? Which is why I didn't say anything. But I could tell he read his books for awhile because he didn't move once while I was taking pics and having the flash go off for 15 minutes.

And then, to really make you smile, he tried that again at night after we turned the lights off. That I did say something to him about.


Lori said...

I can only hope that Stowa will love books that much!

Wenderina said...

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping child surrounded by books? I love that he is already a bibliofile. Read read read. And just wait - soon he'll be the kid with the flashlight under the covers reading a book all night long. You gotta love that kind of rebellion.