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Thursday, January 7, 2010

December 2009 Month in Review

I was in the habit of putting together a month in review last year. Since I have the time - both boys are taking a nap (funny how that relates to my blog title), I thought I would put a quick one together.

December 9th: BBZ turns 2 months old. Milestones were never my thing with LMA and they certainly aren't this time around with BBZ either. And it's just better that way. You get to experience every little moment in awe while not being caught up in what they "should" be doing this week or month. By the way, this is when BBZ started to smile... as you can see in the pic.

Decemeber 14: Little Man A turns three!! I still can't believe that my baby is three years old. He is definitely not a little man anymore. Since his brother has arrived he's turned into a little boy. He still says, "Mommy hold you" after each nap (yes, thankfully he is still taking naps) and has his diapers on (we're working on that), but he's still my baby. Unfortunately, he was sick for his birthday, hence the pj's.

December 18: Daddy finally comes home from Fort Benning and on his birthday! And just in time before we get 18 inches of snow! BBZ watched the fluffy white stuff fall from inside while LMA played outside. He tried so hard to make snowballs, but the darn stuff just stuck to his gloves.

December 21: Gramma and Uncle Rich finally make it here from California. Because of the snow storm, no planes were flying into the D.C. area. So unfortunately, they were 2 days late in getting here. But that didn't stop the fun. Turns out, BBZ loves books just as much as LMA did at this age. And his favorite book? "Put Me in the Zoo" More than likely because of all the colorful spots.

December 25: Merry Christmas! For Christmas, LMA scored big time. Santa brought a Geo Trax set that he's been talking about for the past 4 months. And don't forget the Hiro train engine that he's been dying to have since he saw the new Thomas movie. Zaeden did pretty well getting an awesome bouncy unit from Gramma and Pop-pop.

December 31: New Years Eve. My big Christmas present was a Wii system. Didn't ask for one. Didn't really even want one - until I found out that you can do Yoga and play golf, bowling, and tennis on it. Apparently, LMA did well playing bowling and even made a bogey on a hole with golf. Although we didn't get a group shot like we did 2 years ago, Wenderina and Uncle Carl graced us with their presence again for a new years celebration. (We're all going to hell for making fun of poor ole Dick Clark)

January 1st: Happy New Year! Before Daddy was off again to school, this time in cold Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, we celebrated our 7th Anniversary on January 2nd. Just a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant, Texas Steakhouse (too bad it wasn't in Texas though). I was able to capture this beautiful shot of my two boys to send to all our favorite people. Daddy and Mommy make some good looking kids. Too bad we're done making them.

Can't wait to see what January 2010 brings for our family!


Wenderina said...

What fun! Another post! So psyched to see it and see all the pictures. Hope you can keep going.

Lori said...

That's not fair! You should have warned me that there was a cuteness overload!!

I love those pictures. I can't believe LMA is already 3. He definitely looks like a Big Kid!