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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A mom's nose knows

Why is it that mothers have such a keen sense of smell? It seems as though every time I walk downstairs I smell one of my children emanating roses from theirs behinds. And even Pop-pop, who is sitting no more than 5 feet away, can't smell it.

I picked LMA up from school yesterday and sure enough, he had a poopy diaper. Unfortunately, none of the teachers detected the pile of roses in his diaper and so by the time I retrieved him it was up his butt so far, it was almost out of his diaper. Of course they felt horrible having missed it.

He used to tell us when he had a poopy diaper, but now no more. He only tells me when he has a really big pee-pee diaper after his morning explosion. And the extraordinary part is that he holds it ALL NIGHT LONG and then sometimes an hour into the day.

We've been trying so hard to get him to be potty trained. Gramma even tried while she was here over Christmas and made LMA walk around without diapers or even big boy underwear. One morning he managed to pull his pants down and poop on the rug downstairs. I've tried rewards from candy to trains to a huge tube of 70 cars and trucks that is hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Even a chart where he can put a sticker on it when he uses the potty. Still a no go. I've been telling him that I'm not buying anymore diapers for him. What he has in his room is all we have left. As of right now, only 14 left. And I have no idea what we're going to do when they are gone.

I've come to the realization that I'm going to have a four-year-old walking around in diapers.


AmyBow said...

dude! he just turned three. four is 10 months away. it will happen, when he is ready and out of no where. Like maybe when he realizes Bob the Builder wears underwear. LP's potty training crystalized when she decided she wanted to be "like her cousins." I do feel your pain though, I am sure his tush looks so big compared to BBZ, kind of like changing a teenager's diaper:)

Wenderina said...

I was going to say exactly what AmyBow said. He JUST turned 3! And he has a baby brother stealing time and attention and getting to poop and pee in a diaper to his heart's content.

Also - when I laughed out loud at the poop on the rug story, Carl told me his friend's son did the same thing...on the kitchen floor.

This is a trend I had no idea existed in parent land.