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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Williamsburg, VA Part 2

After a fun-filled day at Busch Gardens, how could we possibly beat it? Why a visit to Water Country USA, of course. Besides our small local Spray Ground park, we have never been to a water park.

I was a little nervous about LMA going into the water, mainly because he just had surgery to have tubes placed in his ears. He handled everything like a pro. There were only a few kiddie areas that he could explore (before the big kids started to arrive before lunch time), but he had a blast!

Even though he submerged himself a couple times going down the kiddie slides into the water, he kept going back for more. He even braved a couple tube rides with Daddy.

Although it was an overcast day (it definitely would have been better if we had visited the day before with the humid heat), we had a great time. We'll definitely have to make sure we check out the water parks in the future.


Wenderina said...

Both outings look like such fun. I was looking at the 2 year "video" I created on YouTube last year when you visited and am amazed at how he has grown and grown up!

Jude said...

LMA looks like he is having a blast and waiting for Daddy to get the boat moving!